Thursday, May 1, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

Today's post is probably going to seem very random as I just have a bunch of tid bits to get out there, and they probably don't have much in common.  So get ready for my list of random things going on in my life right now.
  • My Dad's surgery didn't go as planned.  They had to do a lot more clean-up and repair.  Plus on top of that, he had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, was vomiting and having trouble breathing.  So he is still at the hospital and I am hoping he gets out today and I can go see him.  Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. 

  • Ladies night was also a success.  Lots of laughter, wine and memories were made last night.

  • I have a big announcement coming in a few weeks that I can't wait to share with all my lovelies (and no it is sadly not a pregnancy announcement).

  • I have to go to the dentist today for my lunch which is the worst kind of lunch anyone could have.  Am I right?

  • Even though I shopped way too much in Minnesota, I am coveting so much summery stuff online that I have to put myself on a spending freeze because the dreaded first car payment came out of my bank account today.  Ouch.  I love my car.  I love my car.  I love my car.

  • I had a cupcake Tuesday for breakfast and I am not even ashamed of it.  Gotta support the MS Bake Sale.  What I am ashamed of is, I should have had two or three of them.  So good.

  • I am dying to watch tonight's Grey's Anatomy because Dr. Burke is going to be on tonight's episode and it looks like we now know how Christina will leave.  Sorry, but not sorry, if I spoiled it for you.

  • I don't think my coffee is big enough to get me through this day.

  • I can't wait for my run this afternoon.  I need a stress release.

  • Tim Hudson pitched a mean 8 2/3 innings last night.  Way to go Giants!

  • Craving this little yummy delight.  Someone please bring me one stat.
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  1. I'm excited for tonight's Grey's too. Dr. Burke leaving in the first place was so abrupt (I get that it was over real life drama with the guy who played George, but still) so I'm excited that he gets to come back!

    1. I remember that drama and was sad he left as it was a great storyline. I am really sad to see Christina leave though. Ugh. I hate when shows come to an end or fav characters leave. Get out your tissues.