Monday, December 5, 2022

Amazon Prime Purchases in November

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This is my first Amazon Prime purchases post since August. I have a lot of items that were purchased in November. I went a bit overboard when it comes to purchasing off of Amazon. Ha. But I did get some good items and good deals. I did leave out some gifts that I got for Rory since he does read here sometimes. So what did we buy?

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Cerave Lotion

This is my fourth time purchasing this. I love this lotion and always restock up on it when it is on sale. I used to get it at Costco for a better deal, but I have found that Amazon has been better lately.

32 oz Soup Containers

This is another repurchase. I love these for soup and fruit.

Light Up Alarm Clock

I got this as a Christmas present to my girls. They are growing up and need a more grown up clock...that also lights up to replace their Ok to Wake Clock. This one has a mirror on the front too.

Pocket Watercolor Book

I saw this on IG and thought it was a cute idea, but they had way better prices on Amazon. This will go in the girls stockings.

50 Meal Prep Containers

This is another repurchase. We use these for leftovers.

The Office Book

I have wanted this book for the girls for at least a year. I grabbed it on sale and can't wait to give it to the girls for Christmas. They love the Office. They may not get it all the time, but they do enjoy it.

The Never Girls

I got this after searching for books for my girls to read. They are reading chapter books and these had great reviews.

Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

I bought this for my hair and my Shark Flexstyler, but it can be used for anything. It works very well, comes in several capacities and is a great price.

Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

This was a purchase my husband wanted. He talked me into it and it is a great price, has amazing reviews and allows Amazon to put packages in our garage with an access code. It also alerts you if you leave your garage door open, so you can close it remotely. No more turning around to check it.

Snow Shovel

This is another repurchase. We bought this about 6 or 7 years ago and it broke recently, so we got a new one. This one is awesome because you can push it instead of traditional shoveling. It is very wide at the bottom too.

No Bloat

I didn't know this went viral on TikTok until I was doing this post. I got this because I am having some major bloat/edema issues from my hysterectomy. I am trying this (which definitely helps after big meals) and lymphatic drain massage.

Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Scooper Set

I got this for my nephew and my niece. The girls have a smaller version of it and love it.

Inflatable 8 ft. Santa

I caved and got my first inflatable and it is this Santa. We set it up with weekend and it is a hit!

Dream Paris Snow Boots

My girls needed new snow boots as theirs were too small. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg, so I grabbed these. The girls said they are very warm and comfortable. Plus at a great price too!

High Waisted Pencil Pants

Two Fridays ago, I posted about these. I brought them to Vegas with me and was going to wear them and luckily I saw a snag in the side which led to a hole in the side. These are cheaply made or at least my pair was. I sent them back.

3 Pack Tights

My girls needed tights, so I grabbed this 3 pack and some fleece lined ones that are below. 

2 Pack Powdered Sugar Shakers

This is a gift for the girls and I got them for less than $5. Yes it seems weird, but it is for their play kitchen.

Noodle Playdoh Set

This is another gift and for the girls play kitchen. They are very into playdoh and kinetic sand for their play kitchens.

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

This is another repurchase. I use these weekly on my garbage disposal. It keeps them clean and fresh.

Kinetic Sands Ice Cream Treat Set

I posted these in the Kids Christmas Gift Guide and purchased them for my girls. They love Kinetic Sand.

Fleece Lined Tights

I got these for the girls for this Winter. They love wearing skirts and dresses and needed some new tights.

Charm Advent Calendar

I mentioned these two weeks ago. I put them in the girls Elf Welcome Gifts and so far they have been a big hit!

Kerastase Nutritive Conditioner

I got this after using my samples my hairdresser gave to me. I needed something to help bring my hair back to life and this is supposed to help with dry hair. So far it really does help.

Secura Milk Frother

This is a gift for my MIL. She requested it and it was on sale for Cyber Monday, so it was immediately purchased. Love that it does both hot and cold.

Instax Mini Film

I got this during a lightening deal. It meant that I had to purchase two packs, but I needed them anyways. I got the girls one Instax camera, but 40 sheets of film.

Instax Mini Picture Frame

I was going to get the girls the one I posted on the gift guide, but I didn't want to pay shipping at UO, so I grabbed it for less on Amazon with amazing reviews.

3D Pen Doodler

I saw this on sale and on someone's IG. It seems like a great concept. I only bought one and my girls will have to share it, but I wanted to make sure it worked and I didn't really want two of them at the house.

Kids Press On Nails

My girls are obsessed by press on nails. I got them this set and plan to put three packs in each stocking. Plus the nails are so cute.

Stanley Water Bottle

I got the pink and purple one for my girls. I tried to get them on the Stanley website, but they were sold out. Luckily, Amazon had them for the same price. My girls always get a water bottle for Christmas.

Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo

I got this to go with my conditioner. I bought the mega size since it was on sale for over 50% off.

10 Pack Headbands

My girls love these kinds of headbands. We recently went through their and threw a bunch away, so I bought them some new and fresh ones.

Dinosaur Trucks

I got these for my nephew. He is very much into trucks and this is going to be a hit with him.

Sequin Drawstring Backpack

I got these for my girls for Winter break and Summer breaks. They always want to take a bag to the after school/break program they attend and I thought these would be cute and functional.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

I got this as a repurchase since it was on sale.

Claire's Girls Rings

I got these for the girls stockings. They said they wanted more jewelry and have been wanting rings. This set is super cute and comes in a box for them.

Paul Mitchell Detangler and Taming Spray

I am changing it up on my detangler for the girls. This one has great reviews and keeps their hair healthy. I have noticed that my girls ends are getting beaten up and I hope this helps it. Plus a trim.

And that is it. I am a bit ashamed on how much I ordered this last month, but to be fair, I am 95% done Christmas shopping now. I didn't even include the things I ordered for Rory on Amazon either. I am thinking December will be a very small month on my Amazon orders. What did you order?


  1. I love the pencil pants. Great purchases this month. Regine

  2. So many fun things! I really like the alarm clock!

    1. Me too. It gets great reviews. I even want one for my room.

  3. Oh my gosh - so many great things! We have the little mister and i use it for myself and Sophia! I too am obsessed with press on nails - I got sophia a set like that as well!

    1. It is so easy to use and better than a normal squirt bottle. I don't know why it took me this long to get one. You should get her some and then she can be like you. Do you glue yours on?

  4. So much good stuff here. The best thing of all I love - your girls love The Office - HAHA!
    I want a watercolor book now to play in for myself!
    Those pencil pants are the cutest too!!!!

    1. Right? I don't think they fully understand it, but they do like it. I think the watercolor pocket book is great for anyone.

  5. Oh my poor Amazon credit card and account is getting quite the workout this month; but I just finished up the last of my shopping today so it's totally worth it! LOL. You got some really great ideas on here.

    1. Mine too. So much stuff from Amazon and just so convenient. I can't wait to see what you got!

  6. The office elementary book! My 8 year old daughter loves The Office if you can believe that, adding this one to my cart! Thank you!

    1. Oh my girls are only 7, almost 8 and they love it. It is so cute and worth it.

  7. such a great Post! So many cute toys today, I wish I was a kid especially a little girl so fun! Love those pants.

  8. Wow, so many great finds this month! I think my fave is the advent charm bracelet...such a fun idea! Thanks for linking up!

  9. I love that Cerave lotion. I use it every single day. Let us know if the No Bloat works! I've had weird bloating ever since I had my c-section when Olivia was born and I haven't ever been able to figure it out. It's not always there, but at certain points during my cycle it's awful and I never used to have that before my c-section.

    1. So far it has been working. I like it a lot. I put it on subscription. I love cerave too. It is the only thing that keeps my skin hydrated enough in our harsh winters. I have that too. Try the no bloat. I have been on it for over a month and it is helpful for sure.

  10. We have an inflatable (actually a few!) and love how easy they are. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. I have always wanted one and just bought one this year on sale. I want more now. Thank you for hosting!

  11. Love that your girls love The Office :) I also find myself ordering allllll the Christmas presents on Amazon. It's so simple.