Friday, February 25, 2022

Friday Favorites and Happenings

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Happy Friday all! Today I finally get my new extensions put in. I didn't document it because I didn't think anyone really cared, but here I am talking about it. Ha. With my last set of extensions, they had some major breakage which cost me 7 inches of hair (not my real hair). Since this isn't normal, my hairstylist contacted her vendor and they got me new ones. Well I had a leftover piece put in until I had my normal appointment, and that is today. 

We are also watching my nephew this weekend and it has been too long since we have seen him, so we are very excited. Other than that, we have a very chill weekend which is good because we have a busy few weekends after that.

And I didn't want to not talk about what is going on in Russia and Ukraine. My heart is breaking that we are potentially entering World War III. I am beyond flabbergasted at the way our administration is responding and how this is happening again. I have been glued to my phone getting updates from my favorite "reporter" on IG. If you want updates on this and anything else, follow Mosheh. He is pretty fair and moderate in his postings.

Anyways, onto Friday favorites and Happenings.

ONE. So I wanted to talk about my new favorite purchase recently. I got a Bissell Little Green Machine. I had wanted one for awhile, but never grabbed one. Then I found it on sale and it was serendipity as I needed one to clean up a smell. Without going into the details, one of my daughters ate too much food one day and threw up at night. She threw up once, but it was on her bed siding and the floor. 

I cleaned it up as much as I could in the middle of the night, and then I cleaned it two more times the next day. I felt like it was clean, but one of my daughters and husband swore they could smell it. So I bought this, used it on that spot and another water/dirt spot in the girls room that I couldn't get out of the carpet. And guess what, it got the stain, smell and everything out of both area. Then I used it on a tiny portion of the hallway rug and it got it so clean so fast.

Here are some before and afters which are hard to really see the difference, but it was huge in person. 



After (the whole stain is gone)

After (this was the throw up stain and now it is gone)

Bissell Little Green Machine

Bissell Stain Formula

This is the sample spot and stain that came with the machine. After one use, there is still about 3/4 of the bottle left. And they give you a 40% off plus free shipping on full size ones.

TWO. So I said I was going to be good and not buy anything for myself for awhile, but then I went to Scheels and started looking at clothes. I wanted a new pair of jeans because mine were starting to wear out more and I wanted to try a different style. I wear skinny jeans and I love them. But I wanted to try a boyfriend pair or girlfriend pair or even boot cut again. Can you believe boot cut and flares are coming back?

Anyways, I tried on these and loved them. BUT I asked the sales associate and Rory what they thought. She told me this style is in, this brand is so soft and they have some room, so I will find myself grabbing these more often than not. And guess what, she was right. I have had these for a week now and I have worn them almost daily. Yes, I have washed them.

And to think I am wearing jeans willing while working from home, that is a big deal. 

Kut From Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jeans

I have worn them straight like this and cuffed. Now I want another pair in a different color and without distressing that way I have variety.

THREE. After begging my husband for 2 years, we are finally getting a Peloton. How did I finally convince him? Two ways. First, we both have gym memberships, but I am the only one who uses mine regularly. I got several times a week (either at lunch, before I pick the girls up from their after school program or on weekends). This is a good way to get Rory back into working out. He can hop on Saturday morning before anyone gets up. He can ride before he takes the girls to school when I am in the office. He can ride while I cook dinner, etc.

And the second biggest way I got him to give in? They offer corporate discounts. His company has a promotion to get a couple hundred off the bike (it works on both the bike and bike+), and a bunch of months are free for the membership/classes/app. 

So basically our gym membership will be up in August and we won't pay for the membership until after that. 

And they offer up  to 3 years no interest. We opted for less months and will pay it off early if we can.

It arrives this morning and I can't wait to take my first ride.

So what is your user names if you have one?

Peloton Shoes

Look at how much bigger my husband's shoes are than mine...well the box.

FOUR. You all get a double meaning photo today. On Tuesday, I took this photo of the girls after school. I am sure you all know that Tuesday was 2-22-22 and all the schools did fun stuff in honor of twos and Tuesday.

We got a letter saying the girls could dress up in tutus, ties, tiaras or tie-dye, so the girls wore their tutus from their newborn shoots (they stretch out enough to still fit) and tiaras which are not pictured below.

My mother-in-law came by to drop Walter off since we had the cleaners at our house that day and Walter can't be around. She brought them these handmade cats from their great aunt. She did a great job and I said that she should sell these on Etsy or something. What do you think?

FIVE. Weekly funnies.

Have a great weekend. I am linking up with A Little Bit of Everything.   


  1. Have fun with your nephew! I care about your hair extensions! And love your funnies!

    1. Thank you. It has been too long since we have seen him. And I plan to document my hair process so I can give updates on it.

  2. Oh my gosh you are going to LOVE your Peloton! I am fully one of those people that was like "what's the big deal?" and now I am fully obsessed!

    1. I loved reading your posts about it. It made me want one sooo bad. And now I get one. What is your handle?

  3. I would love jeans like that. I only own Old Navy jeans because they are the only ones I've ever found to fit me, and of course they don't have the low/mid rise anymore because everything is high rise and I can't wear those! Your aunt could definitely sell the stuffed cats!

    1. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me too. These are pricey, BUT they are my favorite jean. I love them so much. They are mid rise, comfy, wear well, don't stretch out over the day and make me feel great in them. I hate high rise too. Just not comfortable.

      I will let her know. The cats are just so cute.

  4. Worst administration ever. EVER!!! I have said it before and I continue to say it daily. The fact that so many can't see that is truly concerning. I see people constantly trying to make excuses for it. I will have to check out that account. Chris was watching coverage last night when I left to get Zoe from school, and we ate dinner and went to dance...and he was still watching it when we got home at almost 8pm.

    The girls look so cute in their tutus! And there are two of them on Twosday! LOVE IT! I love Kut from the Cloth jeans. They are the only brand I have purchased in the last few years. I may have to try the cut you got. I am still trying to get used to myself in anything but skinny after I fought against hopping on the skinny train long ago. Congrats on the Peleton! Hope you have a great weekend with your nephew.

    1. Definitely check out that account. I love following him. He posts both sides of things and feels way more unbiased than others. I wish people would wake up to this too. It is horrible. Putin feared Trump (not saying he was a great president or anything...just stating this fact) and never acted, but he doesn't fear Biden and this scares me.

      Oh yes, they could dress as twins too, but they are twins and dress as twins daily. Ha. I fought against anything but skinny too. I was late to the skinny train too. I loved boot cut. I still do, but never wear them. This cut is flattering and I feel skinnier in these than my skinny jeans. I love them and will buy another pair. And maybe a boot cut one too since those are coming back in style.

      I am sooo excited about the Peloton. I can't wait to ride it. Then I can workout from home which will make it happen more.

  5. I am loving that flare and boot cut jeans are making their way back into style; I LOVE those! Though I'll still be wearing my skinny jeans too. Your new ones look so comfy.

    1. Me too. I loved Boot Cut jeans so much. I can't wait to get another pair. I do wear my skinny jeans as they are a favorite, but now I want them in this new to me brand, Kut from the Kloth. My new jeans are so comfy!

  6. The jeans looks lovely on you! The cats are super cute. She should sell them!

    1. I think should should sell them too. And thank you. I am really loving those jeans.