Monday, December 6, 2021

Amazon Prime Purchases - November

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Happy December! I started this post mid November and added to it because I had already bought so much from Amazon. I started my Christmas shopping early, so there will be a lot this month and a little bit next month.

So what did we buy this last month?

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So let's start with the repurchases.
EO Shower Gel

We love this shower gel. It smells so good and isn't made with all those yucky ingredients.

Bob's Red Mill Buttermilk Pancake Mix

This is our favorite (non homemade) pancake mix. I can't get it in the stores anymore, so I order it through Amazon. I get a four pack for about the same cost as I used to get it in stores.

Pet Probiotics

When we are close to being out of these probiotics, I grab another pack. I get these for Walter to help with his digestion and tummy issues.

And now for some Christmas gifts for the girls.
Outdoor Mud Kitchen

My girls have been wanting a kitchen since a month after they gave theirs away. To be fair, it was smaller and they got it when they were one. It was perfect, but now they wanted something larger. And I wanted something that could be outside, in the garage or inside. But mostly for outside.

I searched on Etsy, Amazon and other retailers like Target. And this one is the one we got. It has a top removable area that you can fill with water or attach a water spout. And they recommend you stain it to weather the weather.

Melissa and Doug Pots and Pans

I got these pots and pans to go with the kitchen.

Melissa and Doug Utensils

And these utensils.

Klee Kids Natural Mineral Makeup

After asking my followers on IG what kids makeup they recommended, this company had the overwhelming recommendation. After looking at colors, I bought this set above for each girl. And the set comes from the company, so free shipping this way.

Kids Apron

I got this for them for their kitchens and to help me bake.

Kids Elbow and Knee Pads

The girls got roller skates while they were visiting my in-laws mountain home and they desperately needed elbow, knee and wrist guards. These have great reviews and slide over their knees and elbows to help them stay on.

Card Holder

I got these for the girls since they have a hard time holding all the cards and seeing what is in their hand.

Gimme Hair Ties

I got these for the girls stockings. They needed some new hair ties and ones that will stop the breakage in their hair.

Lucky Fortune Cookie Mystery Bracelet

This is another stocking stuffer. I saw these while browsing Amazon and thought they were so cute. You get surprised on what bracelet you get. And these have great reviews and said they are not the cheap plastic bracelets.

Laundry Travel Bags

Rory and I have similar travel laundry bags and we use them all the time. The girls don't have any, so I grabbed these for them. They will love the mermaid theme to them.

Ballet Slippers

These are a repurchase item, but also a gift. The girls needed new ballet slippers (even though they are not currently in ballet) and these worked out great last time. We hope to get them back in ballet soon.

Fuzzy Slippers

The girls also needed new slippers and Christmas is a great time to get them. These look like the Ugg slippers, but so much less and they have great reviews.

Girls Underwear

I was going to get the girls Carter's undies or Hanna Andersson, but then I saw these online and on sale during Cyber Monday and I couldn't pass them up.

These two are still technically gifts for the girls, but they are from their Elf that arrived last week.
Little Red Sleigh

Santa's Lost Reindeer

Now some gifts for others. I didn't include what I purchased for Rory as he reads here and I didn't want him to see what I got. I will post those next month.
Princess Castle

I got this for my niece. She loves princesses and will love this little castle to hang out in.

Bow and Arrow Set

I got this for my nephew. I think he will love this since he can shoot the target or things like windows.

And now for some random purchases.
First Little Readers Level E and F

The girls reading has exploded so I grabbed them the next set up which is levels E and F. These are amazing with helping children read.

Bank Robber Mask and Bag Kit

I got these for our Thanksgiving themed dinner: colors. We wore all black and dressed as bank robbers. But the girls made sure to let everyone know that we really were not robbers and don't steal anything.

Q-Tips Double Pack

We were running low on Q-Tips and these were on sale, so I grabbed them.

Band-Aid Family Pack

This was another item we were running low on, so I grabbed them on sale on Amazon.

Crest Gum Detoxify Toothpaste

Rory and the girls use Tom's toothpaste, but I have tried so many "natural" toothpastes and I hate them. This is my favorite, so I grabbed a three pack on major discount.

What did you buy from Amazon this month? Was your monthly order way larger than normal? Mine was and this didn't include the two grocery purchases from Whole Foods.


  1. The girls are going to be very happy this Christmas. I always love these posts. Happy Monday.

  2. SO many wonderful gifts for the girls! We have that castle and those ballet shoes!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

    1. Do you love the castle? I got it for my niece. The ballet shoes are awesome!

  3. I wish I was your girls! The gifts are all so cute. I used to want to make a mud kitchen and I collected some pots and things from garage sales. The kids did play with them, but we never had an actual kitchen outside!

    1. Thank you. I did most of my shopping on Amazon this year. But I did get a few other items. I have to buy for Christmas and birthday so it feels like way too much. My in-laws got the mud kitchen. I just ordered it for them. But I can't wait to see what they think of it.

  4. Those fortune cookie necklaces are so cute!! Olivia would love that. The girls are going to be very excited on Christmas morning!

    1. I sure hope so. This is also for their birthday gifts too. The fortune cookies are cheap and a great stocking stuffer.

  5. I need that band aid multipack in my life! I am trying to buy all my Christmas presents at local stores, but I ordered a new gift wrap holder from amazon to inspire me to organize. I love all the gifts for the girls!

    1. We did too. We got through a lot of band aids. I bought a few items from local or etsy, but I have a harder time getting out.

  6. I need to get those card holders for when my grands come visit - we play some mad UNO games!

    1. Oh yes you do. I hope my girls love them as they have the hardest time holding cards.

  7. You got some really great things. My son would love the card holder.

    1. They come in a pack of 4 so everyone in the family can use them.

  8. I love that mud kitchen! We ordered Mieke a kitchen for her room this year!

  9. I love the EO brand, but I always use the lavender or the orange. I've never seen the grapefruit and mint. I know I'd love it though! Going to get that next. I love the mud kitchen idea! That might be a future birthday present. Great idea.

    1. I love the lavender too. But the grapefruit and mint is my favorite. Thank you. I hope the girls really enjoy it!

  10. Replies
    1. And you can stain it and make it your own. I love that idea!

  11. Thanks so much for linking up! I'm definitely checking out the shower gel!

    1. Thank you for hosting. And that shower gel is my favorite!

  12. Very cute gifts for the girls! Those fortune cookie bracelets are a fun stocking stuffer. Love the outdoor kitchen!

    Lauren @

    1. Thank you. So many gifts for the kids. I hope they love them all!

  13. That mud kitchen looks so nice! I never considered one for outside, that is awesome. I am going to save that makeup and order it for Zoe's Easter basket I think. One of her friends got her some makeup for her birthday last week and I will let her use that for now. Of course it is all glitter LOL. My mom got Zoe that pan set for her indoor kitchen when she was 2 and she LOVES it and it still looks brand new today, and gets lots of play. I love GIMME hair ties for myself, I should get some for Zoe too. Those slippers are so cute!! So many fun gift ideas.

    1. Definitely do that for the makeup. It is all natural and mineral makeup, so I feel better about that. I am glad that the pans worked out so well. I hope they weather well in a box when not being used. I need to get the Gimme hair ties for me too.