Thursday, November 11, 2021

Veteran's Day

I usually don't post on Thursdays, but I wanted to today in honor of Veteran's Day. This day is very special to me as my dad and so many of our family friends have served in the military. 

On Tuesday night, the girls told me that they wrote letters to Veteran's in their classes. And the teachers were taking them to the local VA office. That makes my heart very happy. And then they made me tear up when they talked about their Papa G (my dad) and how he is a veteran and served in the military and how proud they are of him. 

So thank you Veterans. We thank you today and everyday for your service.

And I know I share this every year, but I love these photos.

My dad and I before his last deployment


  1. We live right by a major military base so our school is made of 25% military families, and they are doing a Veterans Day parade this morning to honor the parents who are currently serving. It's always such a sweet thing to see all of the kids waving their little flags. Tell your Dad THANK YOU for protecting and serving our country!

    1. That is so cool. We do have a parade in our downtown area each year honoring our military. And I will tell him what you said.

  2. God bless your dad & all our service people