Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Favorites

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Well, we survived our second week in quarantine. How did you all do? Times are tough for sure, but we are choosing to look on the bright side and see the positives each day. That is what keeps us going.

Here are some positives we list each day:
- We get to sleep in an extra hour and a half on weekdays.
- We get to spend more time with our girls.
- We get to experience the girls personalities more.
- We are spending less money by eating at home pretty much every single meal. We have only gotten take out once on Rory's birthday (per his request).
- We have jobs that allow us to work from home and still earn an income.
- We have a warm house, with stocked food and lots of love.
- We are going on daily (sometimes twice) daily walks/bike rides for the girls.
- We are alive and healthy.

What are some of your positives?

Onto Friday favorites and happenings.

ONE. Since we have been home all the time, we are trying to figure out ways to amp up breakfast time. This doesn't mean that we have a full on breakfast each day, but I am trying to make breakfast every other day or so. On the off days, the girls have cereal and I have a protein bar and coffee.

But last week, we made green pancakes and sausage and this week, I made pink pancakes and bacon.
green pancakes for St. Patrick's Day

I also made Skinnytaste's Easy Bagel Recipe for breakfast sandwiches and the bagels turned out amazingly. My first batch the hole disappeared, but we made another batch since the first one. 
Easy Bagel Recipe

TWO. Since I have been stuck at home and dreaming of Mexico and nicer weather, I bought a few things online. Not much, but a few. I got this super cute kimono from American Eagle for 60% off making it $11.98. 
AE Printed Kimono

I also got another bralette from Aerie in black since I love the nude color one so much. I got this for about $5 since I had rewards with AE, but it is on sale right now for $20.97 with free shipping.
AE Eyelash Plunge Lace Bra

THREE. I also got this tank top to wear with my black Spanx and red velvet blazer I had in my closet. I had bought this to wear out for Rory's birthday, but sadly, we didn't get to go to dinner. I love this tank top because the color holds, it is soft, fits very well and perfect for under cardigans or blazers or just to wear alone.
Chelsea28 Jersey Tank Top

FOUR. Weekly funnies.
 This is for my husband.

I am in district 7. You can read about your districts here.

I am linking up with A Little Bit of Everything and Becky.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the memes. Stay safe my friend.

  2. Ok, those bagels look so good and easy! I will have to make some. I am so happy I am able to work from home, having more time to cook while it is daylight so my photos are more beautiful! Stay well and sane my friend.

    1. They are sooo easy. I would make the ball and then poke a hole and stretch it. That is what a few people said on Instagram. I love that I can cook at home more too. It has been nice not going out as much. I do miss it a bit though. Stay safe as well!

  3. I'm finding it hard to find positivity lately! Or to have motivation for much.

    1. I am finding it hard to be positive by the day. We are struggling as it is hard to work from home, entertain the girls and just be together non-stop 24/7. Ugh. I totally get where you are at.

  4. SO much to be thankful for right now, and I'm drooling over those pancakes <3

    Green Fashionista

    1. We used that Red Mill's brand...buttermilk and they were really good.

  5. A protein bar and coffee is my usual go-to breakfast as well lol. Love your list of positives! We’re so grateful for all that as well. Watching the news this morning and hearing about all the medical personnel that are coming our of retirement to volunteer at the hospitals is so amazing. All medical/health personnel deserve the highest praise! I’m so thankful for their selfless sacrifices.

    Kaitlyn @ Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

  6. There was a district map going around earlier this week, most of the south is in district 11 lol. I need to try those skinnytaste bagels! I am most definitely thankful for more time with Zoe and having a job that allows me to work from home at this time.

  7. I love those bagels! I just made a batch of 12 this week. I'm in district 13.

  8. I'm totally district 13
    Kimono season... bring 'em on - my favorite thing to wear - & buy
    My positive - I get to sleep an extra hour & a half working from home - YES!!!

  9. That's so fun that you're making some good breakfasts -- a protein bar and coffee is always my go-to (and my girls love cereal too) but it would be fun to try shaking it up. The memes are life right now -- district 13 here!

  10. These bagels look so good and easy!Will try also!

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  11. I am LOVING the extra sleep! That is one of my favorite things about this whole situation!