Thursday, April 19, 2018

Girl Chat - Guilty Pleasures

It's time for another round of Girl Chat. This month's theme is Guilty Pleasures. We all have them. Some of them are embarrassing, especially the tv shows that I enjoy and binge. So grab the images below, share your guilty pleasures and come back here to link up.
Girl Chat

So as I mentioned above, I have some total guilty pleasure tv shows. Some of these are embarrassing, well at least to me. So enjoy.

TV Shows

Riverdale. My new favorite. I started watching this show in Ireland and I binged a season and a half before coming home. Once I got home, I caught up to the present day and now watch it weekly at the gym.

Jane the Virgin. I was looking for a new show to binge while at the gym (when I run, walk, elliptical or bike, I like to watch tv shows to pass the time) and a friend suggested this. I watched one episode and was hooked. While it is like a telenueva, it just captured me. Sure it isn't "great" tv, but I enjoy it.

Scream Queens. I have been guilty of watching all of the seasons of this show. I love Ryan Murphy's shows (minus Glee, I never got into that) and thought this was pretty funny and so very weird.

The Bachlelor/Bachelorette. Enough said.

Gossip Girl. I was late to watching this show, but I started it a year before I had the girls if I remember correctly and I binged my way through all seasons over a summer. It was soooo good. I still go back and watch it to this day.

My 600 pound life. I watched an episode when I was on work travel and while I fascinated me, it also made me shake my head. I don't watch it often, but when I am on the road for work, I tend to catch an episode or two.

Pretty Little Liars. I loved this show. My sister got me into watching it and while it is hard to fathom that ever happening, I just couldn't stop watching. I had to know who A was, and all of the other A's out there.

Pretty much any cooking show competitions....Top Chef, Master Chef, Beat Bobby Flay, Chopped, etc.

Grey's Anatomy. I have watched this show since day 1 and while I think it isn't as good as when it first started, I just can't stop watching it. I have to see how it ends and watch my favorite characters.


Sonic's Cherry Limeade. I have loved cherry limeade forever. Since the first time I tried it in high school. I have a Sonic across the street from my work and when I am having a bad day, I go grab myself a cherry limeade. I don't really get anything else from there, but I could have a cherry limeade everyday and I so rarely drink soda.

Flaming hot Cheetos with salami. Yep, sounds gross, but it is so good. I picked this up when I was pregnant with the girls and I just LOVE it still. Something about the spicy and salty together.

Funfetti cupcakes/cake. I am not a big cake person, but when you put funfetti in front of me, I can't resist it.

Dark chocolate salted caramels. I don't remember who introduced these to me, but they are my favorite candy ever. Period. I buy a box from Williams Sonoma every Christmas season and I secretly eat the whole thing all season.



Sleeping in. If I was allowed to (kids won't allow it), I would sleep in until 11 am or noon. Not everyday, but every so often, I would love at least 12 to 14 hours of sleep. Oh the days of college. I miss that.

Rapping in the car. I love singing in the car because no one can judge me and I think I sound really good when I rap. Ha.
Online shopping. I prefer to online shop because the lighting in dressing rooms is soooo awful. It makes me cringe when you see the cellulite, blemishes and not so flattering angles. But when I online shop, I buy, it comes to my door and I can try it on at home where my lighting is more forgiving.

Brand new socks.

Watching shark attack videos. I am soooo scared of being eaten/killed/attacked by a shark. It has been a fear of mine since I was a little girl. I used to not go in the ocean farther than my knees because sharks come in that close, but as time went on, I would go in further and further. But I still think about sharks being around me the entire time I am in the ocean. It is a crazy fear and something I just can't get over. So I feed my fear by watching the shark attack videos, Shark week, follow a page about cage diving with great white sharks, etc. But I do want to say that I went swimming at Bondi Beach in Australia and went in where I couldn't touch. I did that because I had to conquer my fear and there were so many others in the water that I figured they would get bitten before me.

I could go on for days about my weird habits and things that I love, but I will stop here.

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  1. I loved Pretty Little Liars, too! And I can totally see a Sonic cherry limeade as a guilty pleasure. There was one in the town I went to college and their drinks were always so good!

  2. PLL was my favorite. We discussed this all the time! New socks.. yesss. I’m LOL that you watch shark attack videos hahaha

  3. Funfetti is the best!!! It's the only box cake/cupcakes we make and it's a family fave. I never watched Pretty Little Liars but my Mom did and always told me how good it was!! I totally laughed at the other people would get eaten before you in the ocean bahaha!!

  4. I watch my 600 pound life too!! Something about that show is so fascinating!
    - Shannon

    1. I know, right? I have no idea why I like it, but I do. Ha.

  5. I love all the cooking shows - now if only I was actually a good cook. LOL Mm...cherry limeade. I haven't had one of those in forever. And I'm with you on sleeping in! I love it oh so much.


  6. Riverdale, Grey's GG, so good. Just cannot do the flaming hot cheetos... but I do love salami... lol

  7. So fun! Haha you and Lizzie with the flaming hot cheetos. Yes to all the sleeping in (when we can)!! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  8. Riverdale, PLL, Jane the Virgin and Grey's are on my list along with about 30 others haha. I love flaming hot cheetos, but not with anything else other than some water for after haha. And I am not a cake person at all, except for when it comes to funfetti!!! Totally rap in the car as well. No shame in my 90s rap game.

    1. Oh I have others that I didn't post about. I could go on and on. Ha. Rory isn't a cake person either. He asked for cookies and brownies for his birthday. Definitely no shame in my 90s rap game either. That is my favorite genre to sing/rap.

  9. Haha, I love that you put rapping in the car, too!! I said that same thing! And I actually just started watching PLL but I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with it. I really want to see how it unfolds and see who A is, but I just don't know...

  10. Girl, I love new socks, too!!! And the Bachelor/Bachelorette and Grey's!!! But you really had me at Funfetti!

  11. A cherry limeade sounds delicious right now! And I got sucked into Pretty Little Liars for a while there, too :)

    1. I agree. I almost got one today, but backed out. Thankfully. Ha.

  12. I have adored Jane the Virgin since it came out. It reminds me of Ugly betty & I loved that show too. I need to see if that's on Netflix or anything.
    & you already know how much I love Jughead!!!! Did you see the pics of him & Betty in real life going on vacation together? Bughead is real!!!

  13. Oh em gee I love sonic's cheery limeade! We dont have many of them around here, but when we are on a raod trip, and see one, we always stop and get them!

  14. So fun! I just binged watched Riverdale a few months ago -- I thought it would be so silly/unwatchable and then I couldn't stop, lol!

  15. Loved this - so relatable - I was nodding my head throughout! Riverdale is a new fix for me too. I am binging it each night. Am so into it actually said to my husband last night 'whatever you do, do not google who play Hyram Lodge' - as I am hoping it will be another 90s star. Car rapping - YES - until my son puts his fingers in his ears and borderline screams. YES on the dark choc and salted caramel - one of life's best foodie combinations. And OH YES sharks - did you watch the Shallows? It is beyond gripping i.e. dig your nails into your hands a la Betty nerve wracking. Thanks for the link up - it was a ton of fun! Joanne x

  16. I love Sonic's Cherry Limeade, but no Sonic in Hawaii - SO SAD!! I loved this linkup :)

  17. Brand new socks!!! Yes! Almost as good as as fresh sheets. :)

    1. I agree. I love fresh sheets too. I forgot that one!

  18. This was such a FUN link-up!!!!! Thanks for hosting it! Mmm... funfetti cake is the best!

  19. Oh my! I'm a funfetti fan all the way! It's the best!