Wednesday, March 7, 2018

11 Questions: Sunshine Blogger Award

Last week I was tagged by Europafox to answer 11 questions about myself and to participate in a Sunshine Blogger Awards. Thank you so much Joanne for tagging me. I am honored. Below are the questions she asked...

Sunshine Blogger Award

 1.If you had 15 minutes in a super-market sweep to grab what you could, what would it be?
I loved watching super market sweep growing up. I soooo wanted to be on that show. Now I watch a different version of it, Guy's Grocery Games, which is good, but not as great as Super Market Sweep.

If I were playing the original game, I would be grabbing all the big items like roasts, hams, liquor, expensive sauces, etc. But if I were playing it for what myself and my kids eat, I would go with coffee, wine, yogurt, ranch (my kids LOVE ranch way too much), pasta sauce, pasta, ice cream, fruit, Gold Fish, etc. 

2.If you could invite 5 people to a dinner party (can be from history), who would they be and why?
Oh wow this is such a loaded question. I would invite Johnny Cash because I love his music and his life was crazy. I would invite my dad's parents because they died way too young. My grandfather died when I was about 5 1/2 and my grandmother when I was 16. Still stings. Next, I would invite Justin Timberlake because he is a god at everything. He can sing, dance, golf, run a restaurant, act, etc. And finally I would chose, George Sieffert, former coach of the 49ers...because I am a huge niners fan and he was an amazing coach.

3. Describe your ideal party.
It would be like a wedding with getting married. All the good food, drinks, fun and dancing. I would love it to be outside in beautifully warm weather. 

4.What is your favourite Christmas film?
This is easy. A Christmas Story. I have loved this film forever and watch it all day Christmas Eve into Christmas. 

5.If you could institute one global law what would it be?
Better maternity/paternity leave. We get zero in the states and we need bonding time with our children.

6.If you could belt a tune out on karaoke better than the original artist what would it be and where would you sing it?
Ha, I don't have a great singing voice at all. I am going to just pass on this one.

7. If you had to choose between living without make-up for a year or a smart phone for a year what would it be?
I would go without a smart phone even though it would suck when I am on work trips and it is the only way to see my kids. We are all way too addicted to our phones.

8.Who inspires you most in your day to day life?
I would have to say my kids because they make me strive to be a better person and mother.

9.If you could pick any epitaph for your life – what would you choose?
Another loaded question. I would have to research a little to see some quotes and things to live by before deciding on an epitaph.

10. Who was your first famous crush on?
It was either Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Joey McIntyre (from New Kids on the Block). I can't remember, but I had the biggest crushes on them.

11. Do you have a hair or fashion faux-paux from the past you would like to obliterate with a magic wand, if so what would it be? Photos appreciated haha!
I would have to go with perming my hair. At the time, it was big, but now when I look back, I just shake my head. Sorry, no photos, I would have to sift through photos at my parents house to find these.


  1. This was so cool! Yes, we should have a year leave like Canada!!! I loved Supermarket Sweep too!!

    1. Yes. I wish I had more time off with my girls when they were born. They need to bring back Supermarket Sweep.

  2. OMG JTT was my man when I was younger LOL!! I was OBSESSED with him and grabbed every issue of Teen Beat + Tiger Beat!! Better maternity/paternity is a MUST in this country, it's ridiculous!

  3. Fun q&a! The 5 dinner guests you chose are great!

  4. So fun.
    If you invite JT you gotta invite Jimmy Fallon. Can you imagine? But my dad would crash a Johnny Cash dinner too.

  5. My twin loves A Christmas Story!! She watches it over and over again on Christmas Eve into Christmas night. So funny. I am not fan of it at all. ha

  6. So true about maternity and paternity leave. that would probably be mine too and I don't even need it, it is a crime. Ugh I would take back my perms too, why would I want to do that back then!? This is such a fun little questionnaire

  7. Man I was ready to see your 90s do. No smart phone? but, yes we totally need a maternity/paternity leave policy mandated in the States.

  8. Hi Danielle, so glad you did this - just a bit of fun! I did a huge course in surveys and questionnaires at St Andrews as a PostGrad (geek alert!) so gulped when you said 'loaded question' ha - a nerdy questionnaire maker's worst nightmare haha - hopefully you meant as in 'no wrong or right answer' -which of course there isn't! :) It was very difficult to think up 11 new questions on the spot - I based it around the silly questions we ask each other at family dinners. Love finding out more about people! All the Best - Joanne x

  9. I used to love supermarket sweep too! I always would route for them to grab those huge cheese and meats lol. Yes, yes, and yes to better maternity/paternity leave! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  10. So fun! I loved supermarket sweep and couldn't understand the people who went for all the low end items; it was like they never even watched the show!

  11. I love your ideal party especially outside in the warm weather. And how fun would Supermarket Sweep be?! Ahhhh! <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. Oh man! I was a JTT fan as well!

  13. I always dreamed of being on Supermarket Sweep too. It'd be so fun!
    I'm a fan of Johnny Cash too, but my husband isn't so much.
    A Christmas Story is a fave holiday film of mine too.

  14. Oh my gosh, I typed my answers to this same post yesterday and you and I have SO many similar answers! I LOVED Joe McIntyre as a kid!! I had his posters all over my wall! I totally put him for that answer, too! My answers will be up tomorrow!