Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I can't believe the weekend is gone just like that. Maybe it's because it was the first weekend in a long time that I have felt decent. Yes, only decent, but I am slowly but surely healing. Bronchitis sucks. But we made the most of our weekend. And we got some snow, finally.

But let me back up to Friday. I worked most of the day since I had taken so much sick leave last week. After work, we grabbed some lunch and then headed over to Target to get something to organize the girls bath toys, some toiletries and some snacks. We went home and took Walter for a walk before picking up the girls. Meanwhile, at school, it was spirit day and the girls rocked their Wolf Pack jerseys, which may have helped the Pack win this weekend and now are ranked #20 in the AP Polls. So happy for the basketball team.
Nevada Wolf Pack twins

I made dinner at home, gave the girls a bath and then put them to bed. Once they were asleep, we started watching American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. So good. We are all caught up and it is soooo fascinating, but Andrew (the person who killed Versace) is sooooo creepy. The actor does an amazing job.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the grand opening of a donut shop in town. I have been looking forward to this place opening for months. My hairstylist told me about it and I have been counting down the days. They have specialty donuts that looked amazing. So we got ready and headed down there. There was a line, but it wasn't too bad. We just took in the shop, people watched and waited for our donuts.
Holey Schmidt Donuts

Holey Schmidt Donuts
 A window for behind the scenes look into how they make and decorate their donuts.

Holey Schmidt Donuts
Peanut butter chocolate donuts (Rory got one and LOVED it)

We got a half dozen donuts. The girls wanted a chocolate bar and we also got two Coco Puff donuts, a salted caramel donut, the peanut butter chocolate donut and a blueberry glazed donut. We saved one Coco Puff, the peanut butter chocolate and blueberry glazed for the next morning which were still amazing. We will definitely be going back because there are soooo many donuts we wanted to try.
Holey Schmidt Donuts

Holey Schmidt Donuts

After donuts, we took the girls to the park and it was super crowded because it was 62 degrees outside. Heavenly Spring like weather. The girls played while we chatted with our boss (he was there with his grandson) and then one of Rory's college friends who brought his sons there. 

After the park, we went to get some dog food and then made a stop at the Chick-fil-a drive thru for some lunch to take home. I got the cobb salad which I never had before, but I loved it. I usually get nuggets, but this was really good and a new favorite. I hear their soups are amazing as well. 

After lunch, the girls napped and I did some laundry. Once they got up, we went for a walk with Walter. After some playtime, we headed out to Mexican food. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and it did not disappoint. The girls loved it,  but the star of the show was an older gentleman who brought in his dog into the restaurant (the patio). 

We headed home and put the girls to bed and watched two more episodes of American Crime Story.

Sunday morning we got up and made bacon and pancakes (protein pancakes). The storm had finally rolled in and it was cold and very windy. Rory built a fire and we pretty much snuggled all morning watching college basketball. Just before lunch, I headed to the grocery store right before it started to snow. I got back and the girls had just went down for their naps, so I spent their nap time unloading groceries and cleaning the house. 

When the girls got up, it really started snowing, so they got in their snow pants and jackets and went outside to build a snowman with Rory.
Snow day
Avery had no interest being in the pictures.

The girls played in the snow for awhile, but got cold and wanted to come back inside with the fire. We spent the afternoon playing, cleaning up our toys and watching the snow fall. I made our favorite Spring pasta for dinner and everyone loved it. After the girls went to bed, we watched the last episode of American Crime Story and then some trashy reality tv before going to bed.

Monday morning we got up and took the girls to breakfast before taking them to school. Their daycare is open on President's Day and since we pay so much money for them to go there, we brought them in, but they were in late.

Rory and I were going to go snowboarding, but I am still getting over bronchitis, so we decided to take a walk/hike in the snow. It was beautiful, but it was a little rough on me when we had to hike up small hills. But we went for almost seven miles in the crisp, cool air. 
Winters Creek walking trail
A little snow covered bridge along the way.

Winters Creek hiking trail
Looking out towards Mt Rose ski resort (where we snowboard)

After our walk/hike we grabbed some coffee and headed home. Rory had an appointment and I just cuddled with Walter. Once he was done, we picked up the girls and came home to make homemade pizzas. The girls loved watching me roll out the dough and put the pizzas together. They were very adamant that I only do pepperoni and cheese on their part.

After dinner, we gave the girls a bath, did some laundry and then put them down to bed. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and fell asleep early since we are back at work today.

How was your weekend?


  1. I always loved watching my mom make homemade pizzas and then my kids loved to watch me. Those jersey's are ADORABLE on the girls, that picture is a framer! LOVE the snow pictures. Have a great start to your week! xo

    1. It is so much fun. I can't wait to incorporate them into making them. Definitely a framer.

  2. Chris and I saw the previews for The Assassination of Gianni Versace during another show we watch and I thought it looked super good. It sounds like you guys had a good weekend playing in the snow and eating donuts! I am glad you are feeling a little better. Hope you have a great week!

  3. The donut shop looked like a fun little outing! I think it's great that the girls love the snow so much! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Bless your heart. Hoping the sickies are going to give you a break soon!!!
    I started watching that Versace thing & really was intrigued by it but forgot about it & got behind. I need to look for it On Demand. I always see the guy playing Andrew & I'm waiting for him to break out in song :) haah... he was on Glee. Has the best voice.

  5. That donut shop looks AMAZING! So many yummy choices! And I love that you guys got some snow... We were in the 80s this weekend. So crazy!

  6. I nee to get caught up on the Versace show because we missed a few weeks. That donut shop looks so good!! Yay for some snow! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! What channel is the Versace show on? We need something new to watch!

  8. What a walk that looked? There is nothing better than a walk in the snow! Hope your bronchitis is ok afterwards! Take care! Your daughters look adorable in the basketball tops! Europafox x I hope you enjoyed England?

  9. Those donuts! Holy cow, they look amazing!

  10. Holy Cow do those donuts look awesome! That is such a cute photo of the girls.