Thursday, January 18, 2018

Girl Chat - Reintroductions

It is time for our first Girl Chat of 2018. This month's topic is Reintroductions. I love this because I feel like we really only introduce ourselves when we first start our blogs and we forget to keep doing it every so often. Especially since you get new followers all the time. Ok, enough rambling.
Girl chat 2018

My name is Danielle and I blog in this little space called, Sparkles and Lattes. I started this blog in 2013 to document my wedding planning. At that time, I read a ton of wedding blogs and I wanted to share my own experience in hopes of helping others. My blog changed over time as we got married, went on a honeymoon, started trying for a baby, fertility struggles, announcing that were pregnant with twins, having the twins, my crazy delivery, and everything in between then and now.

But let me back up a bit. I have lived in the same area my entire life. I have traveled the world, but kept my feet in one place when it comes to a place called my home. I have only lived in two different cities and they are 30 minutes apart from each other. I went to the University of Nevada where I obtained a degree in Information Systems and then started working for a web design/multimedia company. I loved it there. I only worked there for about a year, but I loved it.

During the week, I would work my butt of coding websites and then Friday came and it was like Christmas every week. As long as you had everything done, we got to play video games against each other and have beer. So much fun. We would shoot nerf guns at each other and just have a great time. Don't worry, we would sometimes work during Fridays too.

Then I was offered a job at my current place of employment with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. What intrigued me the most was world travel. Being a 23 year old and single, the thought of traveling the world on someone else's dime was amazing.

I have been at my current place of employment for almost 11 1/2 years. Crazy how times flies. I have made some amazing friends, gotten promotions, learned a bunch of things and traveled the world. I have been all over the U.S. and went to Australia (amazing), Canada, England, Scotland, Gibraltar and Israel. And next week I am adding Ireland to that list.

But I think the most amazing part of my job was meeting my husband. Yep, we met at work and you can read all about it here.

The focus on this blog has definitely shifted since I started blogging. I feel like I now talk about my girls, weekly weekend updates, Friday favorites (my shopping problem), a recipe or two here and there, monthly Girl Chat (first one this year), some confessions and a little bit of other things.

I love sports, mostly football. I seriously can't get enough of it.
I love wine and scotch.
I love traveling, but hate being away from my girls. I really want to go to Italy, Iceland and somewhere in Asia.
I snowboard and have had a season pass since I was 16 years old.
I have two tattoos, a lily on my ankle that I got with my sister 10 years ago and my girls names on my rib cage that I got a couple months ago.
I drink coffee every single day.
I have a dog and his name is Walter. He is a chiweenie and is seriously the best dog!
I prefer sweet/fruity candy over chocolate.
I love Italian food.
I love every kind of music from oldies to rock to punk, but I don't care for country music. Sure there are a few songs that I like, but I can probably county how many I like on one hand.

And that is just a few things about me. I can't wait to re "meet" all of you.

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  1. Your job always sounds so neat!!! I can't imagine all the travel, but what great opportunities to see the world! And I love that you love scotch. I don't think I know anyone else who does and I think it's so neat and different!

  2. loved getting to know you more today! So happy to call you a friend and that blogging brought us together.

  3. Your first job does sound pretty sweet!! But obviously the next was better because you met Rory :) Isn't it crazy that all your big life moments happened at the same job? That's how it was for me too - time really does fly!! I want to go to Iceland one day too - that would be freaking awesome!

  4. I didn't realize you had been at your current job for so long! It really does sound like an interesting job! You are going to have so much fun in Ireland... I'm really looking forward to those recaps!

  5. You know I have job envy of you. I am so excited to get back into blogging and this was just what I needed. I also need to plan a trip to see you, meet you, you know all those things.

  6. I didn't realize what you did for a living.,what an exciting job to have.
    I have loved reading these & learning new little insights on my blog buddies

  7. I didn't know what you did for a living, I just knew you traveled. That is so cool!!! My husband would die at a job like your first where he got to play video games and drink beer lol. He is in IT as well. It is so fun getting to learn new facts about some of my favorite bloggers :) Totally doing this!

  8. It's so sweet that you met your husband at work! That's a great story. I'm currently pregnant with twins (29 weeks tomorrow :| Any tips on surviving the end of this pregnancy? I'm already discovering twins are no joke.....

    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

    1. Thank you. I love telling it :) Oh wow. I am so excited for you. I will definitely check out your blog. You need to put your feet up. My feet swelled so much at the end. My husband had to massage the fluid back up my legs daily. Also give yourself grace and take it easy. Let people help you. I didn't and I was soooo tired all the time.

  9. Oh my goodness so jealous that you get to go to Ireland next week! That is awesome! Enjoy!

  10. I loved learning more about your career and how you met your husband. Traveling the world on someone else's wallet is always a beautiful thing. Ireland was one of my favorite places! I hope you have the best time! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  11. Loved getting to know more about you Danielle! I'm obsessed with football too and cannot wait to see your ireland trip! I've been saving Ireland as a romantic trip with someone special. Traveling on someone else's dime is the best way to do it ;-).
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

    1. Ireland should be amazing. I can't wait to tell you all about it. I love how alike we are!!!

  12. I love knowing more about you! Your job really is so cool, and I am so glad it brought you here so we could meet! I cannot wait to see how your trip to Ireland goes, sounds just amazing!

  13. Linking up now! Loved learning more about you -- your job sounds incredible!

  14. I really loved learning more about you such a fun linkup! I am jealous of your trip to Ireland.

  15. What a fun post! How awesome that you get to travel so much for & get to see different places. Ireland would be amazing! I am looking forward to your posts about it!

  16. Your job sounds so exciting! We have quite a bit in common- a love of football, wine, Italian food and similar feelings about country music. haha! ;)