Thursday, December 14, 2017

Girl Chat - Greatest Gift Received

Today is our last Girl Chat link up for the year. I have had so much fun learning about you all over the last 11 months. I have also had a great time co-hosting this Girl Chat link up. So please join me for the final one of the year. The topic is...What is the greatest gift you ever received?
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I answered a similar question in my TBB link up last Monday and I said it was my pink bike when I was about 7 years old. This was a pretty amazing gift and I still remember it. I love looking at the pictures from that Christmas.

But for this link up, I am going to get sentimental here. My greatest gift I ever received was my twin girls.

It took us almost a year to get pregnant (which isn't as long as some, but it was awhile for us) and then surprise, we were having twins. Fast forward a bit to their anatomy scan and we found out they were identical twin girls. I was due to have the girls around February 13th, but with them being twins, they had an eviction date of January 25th, 2015. But Sutton had other plans and decided that December 29, 2014, would be the perfect birthday. Even if Avery didn't want to come out just yet.

I had mild contractions on December 26th, but ignored them and took some meds and went to bed. Nothing happened on the 27th. On the 28th, we thought we should get stuff for the hospital since the girls were due in a month-ish. We went to Target, bought what we needed plus slipper shoes for my insanely huge feet and legs and went home. We had some Taiwanese food and then went to my in-laws house for dessert. I happily ate my brownie and ice cream and on the drive home, I got uncomfortable again. This was the second start to my labor.

By the time I got to the hospital, I was already and 4 1/2 centimeters and just under 3 hours later, I was at a 9 1/2 when my doctor made the decision to do an emergency c-section. The girls were going to be here very soon and NICU time was definitely happening.

I said my prayers and my baby girls were born at 2:37 am. Delivery was rough (read here) and recovery was even harder, but I had my two perfect baby girls. They were my belated Christmas gifts and the best gift I have ever received.

So here is to you, my sweet Sutton Kira and Avery Madison. Thank you for choosing me to be your mother. It is truly an honor.
twin family photos
A sneak peak from our family photos

What was your greatest gift you ever received?

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  1. your girls are precious and such a wonderful gift! I agree that the gift of my boys tops any tangible present I've ever received!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your sweet girls! Also, that photo is so gorgeous of the three of you. That’s definitely a framer!!

  3. I'm tearing up reading yours & Sierra's posts today! The girls are so lucky to have you and I know one day they will look at you & Rory as their greatest gifts also!

  4. You almost have me crying, lady! Perfect gifts, indeed. Xo

  5. Oh gosh.. So sweet. I forgot they are December babies too. My kinda girls. Life with twins is so special in itself. Double the blessings

  6. Aw that is so sweet! I was shocked hearing your birth story in person and you are such a strong momma and a better one for it. That picture of y'all is just too cute!

  7. They are most definitely your greatest gifts! You guys are so blessed to have two healthy and beautiful baby girls!

  8. Awwww so sweet!!!! Zoe is by far my greatest gift in life. I need to go back and read your birth story. You have two beautiful little girls and your mommy heart shines bright :)

  9. Oh I love this so much:) What an amazing gift indeed!!!

    Black Coffee Beautiful

  10. I love this so much!!! I agree! On this day 2 years we found out we were pregnant with our daughter after 7 years and 5 miscarriages. She is the most amazing gift.

  11. I love that picture of you and the girls and loved reading more about how they decided to arrive. I've never done a birth story but should get one together at some point. I also realized we started this link up in January so it hasn't been a year yet, oops lol.