Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

It's time for another round of confessions and thoughts on Thursday. Spill your guts and come back here to link up.

- Yesterday I was at work and I was looking through the local newspaper (online). There was an article about a local daycare and suspected abuse. It has a video with it and it is very disturbing. A daycare worker walks over to a 2 year old boy who is reading a book and grabs him by the arm and yanks him up. Then she pulls him over to another area. Then the video shows the same teacher at a later time go near the same boy who is washing his hands and yanks him again. It breaks my heart to see this and makes me fearful of my own kids going to daycare. What gets me even more is we looked at this daycare for my girls to attend. They are two years old and would have been in the same class with the same teacher. She is a new teacher apparently, but that just upsets me. This is not ok.

She has not been fired and they are putting her in counseling. But I am sure with this video in the newspaper and going viral on social media, they will have to fire her because I would take my kids out of that daycare if they were going there. My mama bear instincts would fly off the handle if this happened at my girls daycare.

If you want to see the video, head over to my FB page.

- I am having the hardest time finding long enough dress work pants. Something that has a skinny leg, accommodates my long inseam (at least 32 inch inseam) and isn't frumpy looking. I went to J Crew and didn't find anything except more of a legging style dress pant which is fine, but the only pair of "work" pants that are long (for the winter) that I have are legging style. I used to get them at Express a long time ago, but when I tried on a pair there recently, they fit weird. I think they changed their styling up on them. So ladies, do you have recommendations for slacks/work pants? Please send them my way.

- So one of the recommended vitamins/supplements I take is magnesium #8. It helps with my joints, muscle pain, etc. When I had mentioned it here on my blog and in my twin mom group, people said to be careful of it because it makes you go to the bathroom a lot. Well I can now attest to that. So if you are thinking of taking magnesium in any form, just know that. I don't know if I can take this long term. TMI? Sorry.

- I went onto Nordstrom's website hoping to buy more of the Leith sweater that I loved last year, but unfortunately they don't carry it anymore. Ugh. I love cozy oversized sweaters that I can still wear to work, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way.

- Can you tell I have Fall shopping on my brain?


  1. I saw that video you posted and oh I'd be SO hot if that were my child! I can't believe they aren't going to fire that worker. absurd! I'm not sure I could take having to go to the potty all the time either, but have you noticed that the mag has helped your issues? Have a great thursday!

  2. Omg that video would be so disturbing. How awful! I heard The Limited is possibly coming back- I always had luck with their dress pants, so maybe that would work for you!

  3. Those daycare (or any child abuse type) of videos shake me to my core. It’s so scary to trust someone with the most important thing in your life. And then stuff like this happens and it makes you want to put your babies in a bubble.

  4. You know I've been having tons of trouble with my low back and pelvic joints so I'm interested in this magnesium #8. Has it helped at all with your pain?

  5. Try Jcpenney for pants they normally have several options for length.

  6. I am a huge fan of cozy oversized sweaters too! I am so ready for colder weather to happen.

  7. When I was reading about magnesium, my first thought? That gives me diarrhea ;) haha I feel ya. But a good colon cleanse is good for the body ;)

    I dont get how people act like idiots in nurseries, or nursing homes or hospitals - they GOTTA know cameras are there.... but yet. Idiots.

  8. There is a Leith long sweater from Nordstrom that I want to wear with dresses. I want to find a cheaper option though because it is like $75 and I like to keep my sweaters $50 or less lol. I like Loft and Ann Taylor for work pants. I dont know if they have tall though? I also like the Worthington brand from JCPenney for black dress pants and I know that they have tall.

    I cant not click that link you shared and see that. No no no no no. If you don't like kids, don't get a job at a daycare. Kids in daycare are WAY too young to be treated so horribly. Ugh I want to cry just reading that. We have video cameras at Zoe's daycare and I check in on her throughout the day and I see nothing but love from those teachers. But, the camera doesn't go outside on the playground and I hate that I cant see her out there too. As parents we pay a lot of money and put a lot of trust into the daycare to provide our children with care while we have to work. You would hope that they would hire teachers that align with those thoughts too.

  9. I was told that about magnesium and stopped taking it because it happened to me. Breaking them in half helped. Have you checked the loft or banana republic for pants? The banana outlet online is good too. So sad about the day care!