Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Weekend!

This week seemed to drag. But that is probably because it was my first week back to work and away from my precious babies. But I made it through and each day gets easier.

It's Friday and that means link up time with Karli from September Farm.

I have no common theme to my five "things", so I am going with my five Friday randoms.

One. I finally bought the girls baby books. I was hoping to get them for my shower, but we never did. Then I never found ones I really liked. There is one coming out that I do like, but it is on pre-order until September. The girls will be too old by then to really get all the memories down for those first 9 months. So I found one that I really love on my trusty favorite, Amazon.

Two. I finally "mastered" pumping in public and at work. Look for a post to come on that soon along with one on pumping exclusively. 

Three. My babies. This week Avery learned all about the selfie since mommy made her take about 20 outtakes before she just had enough and decided to spit up on me. The girls have transitioned pretty well in daycare this week. Monday and part of Tuesday were pretty rough for them, but by Wednesday, they were loving it. They are the center of attention and everyone calls them so sweet. So glad they are acclimating well.
Left: Avery's selfie  Right: Sutton sleeping

Four. The Just Between Friends baby sale is in Reno this weekend and my mom and I plan to hit up the sale on Saturday morning. We are looking for 0 to 3 month clothes (specifically sleepers) cotton sleep sacks for the spring/summer and a bouncer chair. The girls seem to love the bouncer chair at daycare and we are always looking for things to put the girls in so they can play and watch us while we cook and do things around the house (whenever we get the chance to).

Five. Grey's Anatomy. I haven't watched last night's episode yet, so please don't spoil it. But I did see glimpses on people's instagrams and facebooks saying they were really unhappy with the episode. I am so anxious to watch it and see what the fuss is all about. But I am also afraid that I too will be this unhappy. Anyone like the episode? Should I have a big box of tissues? Or something to throw at my tv? Guess I will watch it this afternoon while the babies sleep (because I only work half days on Fridays!).

Happy Weekend All! Looks like mine is full of rain, so that means lots of baby cuddles in my future.

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