Monday, March 16, 2015

2 Month Update

I know I am way late on this two month update on the girls, but that is because I had a bad case of mastitis and a breast abscess, so please forgive me.   The girls turned two months on February 28th or March 1st since their birthday is the 29th and there was no 29th in February.

So without further ado...the girls two month update.

nicknames: Avery: Avery Girl, Avey, Turkette  Sutton: Sutton Muffin, Suttey, Turkette

weight: As of March 2nd (the last time I weighed the girls using the lactation's scale) the girls were doing amazing on weight gain.  Sutton weighed 6 pounds 12.5 ounces and Avery weighed 7 pounds 4.8 ounces.  I am guessing they are both over 8 pounds since it is the 16th already.

sleep: This literally changes daily.  One day, the girls will sleep 5 hours (like last night) and then the next one baby is keeping this momma up between the 11:30 pm and 3:30 am feeding.  We have implemented a new schedule where we put the girls in their halo sleepsacks after their 8 pm feeding and put them in their cribs until their 11:30 pm feeding.  So far it has been working and we usually only have to go into their room a few times right after we put them down.  We are working on transitioning to their cribs full time.  Just trying to cut out the 3:30 am feeding and stretch it to 5 am.

Side note, did any of you moms use rice cereal in their bottles at their night time feeding to help them sleep longer?  And if so, at what age did you start it?
eats: The girls love their milk and love it every 3 hours during the day.  Don't mess with their schedule otherwise you will have screaming babies.  I was trying breastfeeding for a whole weekend and that weekend I developed my massive breast abscess so we have decided to only breastfeed in public or when necessary.  This momma is still recovering.  More on that tomorrow.

loves: They love their pacis.  #PaciLife  They also love being cuddled, starting to love bath time, eating, looking around and exploring, grasping moms hair and anything else they can get their hands on.

dislikes: I would say bath time is still a love hate because one bath they love it and the next they cry some of it.  They also hate being naked and diaper changes.

The girls have changed so much from month one (right after we brought them home from the NICU) to month two.  They are starting to show their personalities more and smile a ton.  Oh it melts my heart when they smile.  I can't believe I only have 5 more weeks at home with them (as of today and not at 2 months).  Time flies.  It really needs to slow down so I can savor every last baby second.
Avery laughing and smiling
Mommy loves you girls more than anything!


  1. they areeeee tooooooooooooooooooooo freakin cute! With Josiah I started rice cereal pretty early, like 3 months, only because of his acid reflux. and it was like half of teaspooon. He DID though sleep through the night... lol so I'm not sure whether that had a part in it. and I mean 7-9 hour nights LOL good luck!

    1. So I read up on rice cereal more and it said to wait to try it with preemies until at least 4 months so their digestive track can catch up. So we are doing a supplement feeding of formula that we used in the hospital. Seems to keep the girls asleep for 5 hours so far. We haven't let them go further than that yet.