Monday, March 3, 2014

Cara Box

It is Monday, and Monday's are the worst.  I am working on a weekend update post, but I am too wrapped up in work and thing from the weekend to get it out today.
But I did want to share that I joined the Cara Box swap.  Never heard of it?  I hadn't until it was too late to sign up for the Winter Swap.  Go check out cara box on Wifessionals for all of the rules and details.
Here is a bit of info:
cara (car-rah) noun : beloved friend

Cara Box is a quarterly box swap among women. It was created with the intention of connecting ladies, allowing them to truly get to know and encourage each other.
I love this and knew I wanted to participate.  You can sign up today (March 3rd) through March 5th.  The Spring theme is: Hometown.  Since I am from Reno, Nevada, I will be sending someone (who I am paired up with) a box of at least five items from Reno and/or Nevada including things your partner likes.  I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.
Cara Box

So if you want to get to know other ladies around the internet, sign up, meet new friends and exchange things!
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  1. Boo...I really really want to do this. Too bad I didn't read this until today. Now I think I have to wait for June! This sounds so fun!

    1. That is what happened to me last time, but I made it this time. And this one is hometown's so that will be fun and easy for this area. I will remind you next time one is coming up!