Saturday, February 1, 2014

Closet Eating

Today I thought I would talk about something that has been happening at work and it has kind of become a game for us (please don't judge us).  What am I talking about?  Closet eating.
I have a co-worker who is a closet eater.  I never noticed it before until I traveled with her.  When she eats and I am talking even at normal meals, she justifies her reasoning behind eating.  She makes it sound like it isn't ordinary to eat.
She makes up excuses saying she never has wine, but then proceeds to drink several glasses and says she ordered only one and that this isn't normal for her.  She proceeds to order a small entree after hemming and hawing over what to eat, only to eat something more later or when no one is looking. 
On Fridays, people will bring in donuts, cakes and other goodies.  She arrives later than others and sneakily comes to get something to eat.  That is never a problem.  The food is for everyone.  But less than 30 minutes later, she is back getting seconds.  Then a few minutes after that, thirds, forths and so on.  But she hides it.  You can go into her office and she sneaks it off the desk to make it seem like she never ate at all.
She tells everyone without anyone asking about how she is so fit, healthy and only eats small portions three times a day.  But then she eats like a crazy woman behind closed doors.  Nobody cares how much you eat, nobody cares how often or what you eat.  But to hide it and blatantly going around saying you never had a donut or goodie is too funny to pass up.  So some of my co-workers film her eating extravaganzas just to show and prove how much she eats.  The good thing is, they never showed it to her.  They probably will never even use it other than for entertainment.
It really is a problem for her and might even be an eating disorder of some sort.  Why would someone hide their closet eating?  Were they bullied about being too fat, too skinny or too fast of an eater when they were younger?
I find it odd to be a closet eater.  I am a very proud eater.  It just reminds me of the girl who eats a salad on a date and starves herself just to "look good".  Chances are if the guy likes you and you two become an item, he is going to see how much you eat, how often you eat and what you eat.  No sense on hiding your eating at all.  My guy friends always say they like when a girl eats.  Instead of getting a salad on your first date, get a steak or burger.
Please oh please, don't be a closet eater.  Everyone knows the truth.
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  1. That is definitely an eating disorder. If anyone is close friends with her, they should suggest she get some help. It might seem funny to most people, but it's actually really sad. She might not even be completely aware of what she's doing so try not to make fun of her.

    1. That is what I was thinking about the eating disorder. People do try to tell her that it is ok to eat, everyone eats, but she refutes it with oh I eat, but I eat healthy. She closet eats her sweets. The only funny part is watching her sneak it when everyone knows. Otherwise, it is sad and pathetic.