Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's Talk Teeth

I want to talk about teeth for a second if you will.  Prepping yourself for your wedding day is grueling and fun.  I have been thinking of all the ways to make myself my tip top self without overdoing it.  Yes I am getting somethings over the top, who isn't, but I still want to look like myself, just even more spectacular.

I went on the Marriage Carriage back in April for free courtesy of On the Go Bride.  When I was traveling about on the bus, they were doing giveaways, and I won!  I won a free teeth whitening kit worth about $400.  I was super excited as I wouldn't have to do the Crest White Strips, which was great, but this was even better for my lazy self.  I went to the provider and they took impressions of my teeth.  I waited a week, got those babies back in the soft plastic invisalign looking things, and set them aside.  But now that I am close to the wedding, five days out, I have been using them at night.  They are super easy as I just use a syringe to put a small amount of gel on each tooth area, put those babies in, go to sleep and take them out in the morning.  They have done an amazing job and no sensitivity.  Score!

But as Rory didn't get this awesome deal that I have, he has been using Crest White Strips.  He hasn't been that good about doing it twice a day, heck I wasn't either, but you get into a routine and do it.  He has done two treatments (one in the morning and one at night, two times), but has forgotten a bit.  But he is already seeing results.  Super stoked for the whitest teeth.  I drink way too much coffee and wine for white teeth on my own.

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This is the strength and kind he is using.  I will take after photos to show the difference he has made with these.

Did you use any teeth whitening kits? Professional?

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