Thursday, March 16, 2017

Some Confessions and Thoughts

It feels like it has been a few weeks since I did some confessions, so settle in and enjoy the randomness of my life right now.

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that I thought we would have to cancel our trip to Mexico tomorrow. Since Avery got sick, I was sure it would be RSV or something that would cause us to cancel. So far, so good and we are heading off tomorrow.

that I am soooooo nervous for my Wolf Pack basketball team. They are playing in the big dance today against Iowa State and they are not projected to win. I am hoping for a Cinderella story and they move onto the next round. Fingers crossed.

that I am nervous about flying with two year olds tomorrow. I have their kindle fires, snacks, headphones, toys and things to help, but it is all up to how they feel. Please oh please let us have some quiet flights. Or have it be other kids who cause the ruckus.

that I still haven't gotten my windshield replaced. It has a big crack in it and it isn't completely in my line of sight, but it has to be replaced if I am going to sell my car.

that I am nervous to list my car for private party sell. Mostly because I am afraid it will be scooped up in a day and I will regret selling it. Why is it so hard to give up our cars?

that I am still trying to finish all my posts for next week. It is hard to prep for two weeks worth of posts.


- How hard is it to recalculate children's monthly tuition at each birthday? My girls turned two in December and we have not had a correct bill since then. Every month, I write a note saying they turned two and their tuition goes down to xyz, so that is the amount that I paid and it still doesn't get changed. Then we get our year end bill saying we owe money. Get your accounting department together. Ugh.

- The dollar to peso ratio keeps going down. It was at $1 = 21 pesos a few weeks back, but now it is at $1 = 19.22 pesos. Still good, but I was hoping for the first one.

-  Yesterday was my friend's birthday and I was lucky enough to go out and celebrate with her. Having dinner with a bunch of my friends on a Wednesday night was a great way to break up the week. Happy Birthday Stace.

- I basically winged it with my March Madness bracket this year. I looked at some "stats" but mostly just chose quickly. Maybe that means a winner this time. Ha.


  1. I am so glad you are guys are good to go for tomorrow!! Hopefully the girls will do great on the plane too. I always find March Madness brackets (or any) so intimidating! I still with squares LOL

  2. Have fun in Mexico! Jealous! Hope your flight is quiet and the girls are good for you! What kinda car do you have that you are thinking about selling it? How annoying is it that the school can't get tuition right. Annoying.

  3. Glad your girls are healthy enough to still go on the trip-I hope they behave and the flight goes smooth for everyone!

  4. I'm SO glad that you guys are able to go tomorrow. You are going to have such a great time and you deserve every second of it! Have fun!

  5. I totally winged my March Madness bracket too. Glad you had UNC going far! I hope they do. I'd love for them to beat Nova in the final. Redemption would be sweet. Hope you guys have so much fun in Mexico. Can't believe it's almost here!

  6. Whew... glad no canceling involved. Have a great time!! Take lots of pictures. & fingers crossed for that plane trip :)

  7. So glad Avery doesn't have RSV. I was SO worried Maci had RSV. Not that croup is any better, but we caught it early enough that it wasn't scary. Good luck with your flight and have so much fun on vacation!!!

  8. So glad you get to go on the trip! I hope she continues to feel good.