Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday's Five

As you are reading this, I should be on a plane headed to Mexico! Let's hope we have no delays, cancellations or anything holding us back from paradise.

And a Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all!

Onto my weeks favorites and happenings.

ONE. While looking at my Facebook feed this week, I came upon a post I was sure was fake. So I opened up Nordstrom's website, typed in Clear Knee Mom Jeans and low and behold, the Topshop jeans were real. And they were $95. Seriously?! The reviews are amazing on them and I couldn't stop laughing. Go take a look and read them for yourself.
Top Shop Clear Knee Mom Jeans

TWO. Wednesday night I stayed out way too late, but it was so worth it. I was out celebrating one of my best friends birthdays. We went to dinner and had the worst service, but the company made up for it. After dinner, we headed to another bar for another round of drinks and I made it home just after 11. I definitely paid for it Thursday, but again, worth it.
Some of my favorite ladies
This was only the girls. There was a bunch of guys too.

THREE. Just in time for Mexico, Avery is feeling better. But she doesn't look like it. A few nights ago while sleeping, she scratched her nose and it left a huge cut which is now a lovely scab. And then Thursday morning at daycare, she was running, tripped and feel in the kitchen area. So now she has a lovely swollen lip and cut to match. Poor sweet girl just can't catch a break. 

FOUR. Even though I am gone next week, I still planned a bunch of posts. And there is a special one coming Thursday since my main man turns 39! Also I will be posting on Instagram all week. Shameless plug? I think not. Seriously follow along on our Mexican adventure.

FIVE. Did you see my IG post yesterday? Starbucks has Spring cups out and they are the best. So many different colors! I got the yellow cup and it was perfect for all the sunshine we have been having lately!
Starbucks yellow Spring cup

I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. I saw those jeans and died laughing. Seriously they are so bad they are good. Sorry about Avery. She can't catch a break!! So excited for your trip to Mexico. Can't wait to see all the pics on IG!! And I'm loving the spring cups at Starbucks. Going today just to get one haha. Have a great weekend and trip friend!!

  2. I didn't know Starbucks was doing totally Spring cups--how fun! I saw those weird jeans on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week--it looks like a joke, especially for that price. I think someone would need to pay me in order to wear those lol

  3. I got the yellow cup this morning and was all "when did they get spring cups?!" Have a fabulous trip to Mexico!!! I pray the flight goes well with the littles.

  4. Bahahaha, I had seen those jeans online and thought it was a spoof. That's hilarious! I am wishing you guys a safe, on time and successful trip. So sorry to hear Avery is getting such a rough break right now. Hoping the sun is good medicine! Can't wait to follow along on IG! I love seeing all the photos!

  5. THOSE JEANS. OMG the most ridiculous things I have ever seen haha. Your poor girl, hopefully the cut and swollen lip heal up quickly. I gave up buying coffee for Lent BUT our bishop just gave a clearance to eat meat today because it is St. Patrick's Day so does that mean all Lenten sacrifices are canceled today?! ;-)... lol have a wonderful trip!

  6. Those jeans hahaha! I've seen so many people post about them and I just can't believe they are real. Poor Avery :(

  7. OMG those jeans! Hahahaha. Why the heck would anybody wear those?!

    I hope you guys have the best trip! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. STOOPPPPPPPPPPPP - I didnt know Starbucks had spring cups. I gotta stop now just because!
    Poor Avery - I think she needs the vacation more than anyone!!!!
    I thought those jeans were a joke too!!!

  9. I saw those clear knee jeans too and I was like huh? I love the Starbucks cup!! Now I have to go there! But I like cold drinks when it's warm out! Argh! Have a great trip!

  10. I just can't with those jeans, just NO! My undying love for Nordstrom is just asking why?! Have an amazing time in Mexico! <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. Happy Friday! Have the best time in Mexico!! Hoping everything went smoothly for you and you are on the beach with a cocktail in hand. Hahaha, those jeans? Seriously. I am going to have to check out the comments. We all need a good late night every now and then. Glad Avery is feeling better but poor little love with her bumps and bruises. Enjoy your trip :) Beautifully Candid

  12. My fellow Mom friend sent me those jeans in the middle of the night and I thought it was a joke too!!! And the Starbucks cups are the best.

  13. Those jeans!! Oh my gosh! Lol! I would have thought that was a joke, too!

  14. Woohooo for Mexico!! And ummmm those jeans, omg hilarious!!! You couldn't pay me to wear those LOL. I can't wait to follow along your vaca adventures! xo

  15. Those jeans were just mentioned in my Facebook group. No one had ever heard of them. I was baffled when the link came up showing what they were LOL. Too funny.

    1. I know, right? They are awful and I thought they were a joke at first. Nope.

  16. Who would even buy those jeans?! How are those a thing... hahaha. Have an awesome time in Mexico!

  17. Mexico!!! I hope you have a complete blast sweet lady. Those pants!! I saw them on bloglovin for your feed and I was like ‘surely those are a joke’? So wild! Looks like you all had a fun night out! Those are needed every once in a while. Aww, sweet Avery! I went to Starbucks just yesterday and didn’t see these fun cups! Bummer!

  18. great to hear about Avery feeling better.. sorry to hear about all the boo boos :(
    I love the spring cups.. omg they are so happy :)
    those mom jeans are ridiculous. So often people buy and wear things just because a magazine said they are cool.. not realizing how silly they look
    Have a blast in Mexico!!

  19. I saw those mom jeans too and they cracked me up! I need to go check out those reviews...