Thursday, March 30, 2017

Confessions and Thoughts on Thursday

I almost forgot to write a post for today. Almost. Being back in the office this week means that I have had a lot to catch up on and haven't thought about much else when I leave work.

But I am here for some confessions and thoughts on Thursday, so grab the button, write your thoughts or confessions and come back here to link up. And don't worry, I am working on a new button, but I have been busy.

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/ that I feel like I am sooo far behind on work, emails, blog reading and responding to comments. I love vacation, but I get so far behind when I leave. I know, good problems to have!

/ that while talking to co-workers yesterday at a birthday celebration, my husband tells me that I am 34. Nope, sorry buddy, don't age me. I am still 33 for another 4 months. Thank.You.Very.Much.

/ that I really hate this IG follow/un-follow game. I also hate the algorithm for it. Seriously, some of my good friends who I always want to see their feeds are so far down. Ugh. And I have had some big bloggers follow me recently only to un-follow me two days later. Seriously irks me. I don't know why I care so much about how many people follow me, but I do. Ugh.

/ that I want to buy all the Spring things. Dresses with no shoulders, chambray tops, pineapple shorts and new sandals. Give it all to me.

/ that I really want to try BurgaBox after seeing it on other blogs, but the price is just ouch. I know you get all of the toppings and sides, but $67 for a monthly box seems high. I don't even spend that out to dinner on a high end burger place. Has anyone tried it and thought it was TOTALLY worth it?

/ that I am so sick of being sick. I was sick for two and a half weeks with viral bronchitis and got over it in time for Mexico and then I got a sore throat on our last full day in Mexico and it seems to have gotten worse. That means I have been sick for basically a month and it sucks. Ugh. My immune system used to be so awesome. Even after the girls were born, but this last year has kicked my butt. Please let this be the last sickness and have it go away on its own. I don't want anymore antibiotics. Ugh.


- I am finally getting my windshield replaced today. It only took a month or two. The main reason I am finally doing it...I want to possibly sell my car and I can't sell it with a cracked windshield. What cars am I looking at? Well that post comes next week.

- I have had my house decorated for Easter since before St. Patrick's Day, but I haven't bought anything for Easter baskets. And I just got notice that I have to get eggs filled with something for the girls' school. Better get there this week, so I am not getting things a few days before like I did for Valentine's Day.

- I really want a new fitness tracking watch. Which ones do you all have? Thoughts on them?

- This is random, but I had to share. I had a co-worker make some popcorn on Tuesday and it burned in the microwave causing lots of smoke and evacuation from the building. This is the second time it has happened in a year. Last time, the person replaced the microwave. So this microwave isn't old. She claims she microwaved it for one minute, but I call foul. Then when people joked about it later, she flew off the handle and was grumpy. No, lady. Everyone else should be grumpy since our clothes smelt like burnt crap and we couldn't breathe in our office for the rest of the day.


  1. I hate the follow/unfollow thing too. Honestly, if someone follows me I don't follow back until they interact with me. May be rude, but I know most don't really want to follow.

  2. I hate when people burn popcorn at work! It's the worst! And to do it so badly that people have to be evacuated??? Was she not standing there when it was popping? Ew.
    I've noticed lately there are a TON of random people friending me on instagram. People with like 2,000 followers, and obviously from different countries. I dunno how they are finding me, but it's annoying.

  3. The follow/unfollow game kills me. I've started not even following the ones with like 10,000+ followers Bc I know they willl instantly unfriend me. Girl bye!! I want to try the burgabox thing too. But it is so expensive. I'm thinking maybe for Father's Day I'll gift to patrick and we can try it out! So sorry you're sick. That's the worst!!

  4. You're right, being behind is a good problem to have but I always hate that part of vaca too. I don't have a clue about this follow/unfollow game on IG? I'm so behind in my insta game LOL. And yeah, the burning popcorn at work use to drive me NUTS!

  5. We aren't allowed to cook popcorn or fish in our microwave. It pisses some people off but personally, I love it. I'm starting to think about a new car too. I have a Honda Minivan that we leased to see if I'd like it and I just don't think I'm a minivan kinda girl. I love the space and the storage but I'm thinking a Pilot or Murano might be more ME! I'm so freaking sick of being sick...and my family being sick. It's been a 4 month long, non-stop snot train at our house! OVER IT!

  6. Ha! Don't you love when husbands age us?!?! I have the apple watch and I LOVE it. Seriously all the feels!

  7. I was just venting to Lindsay about how much I was hating the game on Insta. I can't even get to 300 with all the follow/unfollowing going on. However, I did just follow you and I promise I won't change my mind later! LoL.

  8. There are few things I hate more than burnt popcorn! And seriously lady just own up, you did not just microwave it for 1 minute! When I worked in a bigger office people burnt popcorn too much luckily never to the point we had to leave haha

    I hope you're feeling better soon! It sucks being sick and for this long not fun!

    Happy Thursday!

  9. UGh I hate the smell of burnt popcorn! While vacations are amazing, I totally feel you on the whole catch up game that has to be played after. Not fun!

  10. I hate the instagram thing too. The follow / unfollow business is so annoying. My husband's birthday is coming up and he forgot how old he is turning! lol.

  11. LMK which fitness tracker you get - I need a new one & have debated so much on which one to get.
    Vacation is the worst trying to catch up. THE WORST!!!!
    I dont get why IG does that... I miss so many of my friends pics that dont have a lot of followers so their pics get thrown so low. That's not cool - I'm following them because I want to. I miss the days when it was just in the order they were posted. Simple things. I dont know why they messed that up.
    My husband always dates me up by 5 years. I'm 45 so he says "You're 50 years old".. NO i"M NOT!!! STOP!!!!!

  12. I hate the IG algorithm as well... I feel like I miss everything that the important people post and I see a whole bunch of junk that I don't want to see. I think pretty soon I'm going to do an IG purge and only follow people who I truly want to follow. And don't worry... you're one of them. Haha.

    And yes, getting caught up after vacay is always soooo hard. I was only off two days last week and I'm STILL not caught up on life/work/blog, so I can only imagine how you're feeling after being gone a whole week!

  13. I hate when people burn popcorn! We have so many passive aggressive notes about stuff in our kitchen, it is hysterical. I hear you on getting caught back up. I am out every Friday this month and traveling and not looking forward to the getting back part. Hope you feel better!

  14. I am loving all of the spring clothes coming out, they are so pretty!

  15. I hope you feel better very soon! I sort of feel your pain. I recently had a length flu/sinus infection.

  16. Chambray tops - YES!! Also, I'm loving my Apple watch for tracking fitness (and love that I can see if Parker's school calls WHILE I'm in a class - I was always worried about that before!)

  17. I am so ready for Spring/Summer clothing too. Hooray! And, that's crazy that popcorn made you guys have to evacuate. That is some serious burning there!