Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Remembering the Little Things

Today I am linking up with Jess, Jenn and Leslie for another round of Remembering the Little Things. Each day I try to soak in all the little things that happen around me. It is hard to do because those little things just pass us by. But my little ones are growing so fast and I want to remember all the little things that they do. They are the things I am sure I will miss as they grow and grow.
Remember the Little Things link up

- When Avery was sick two nights ago, she woke up around 2 am and she was calling out mommy, mommy. I came into their room and she kept calling my name. I covered her back up with her blanket, gave her her paci, rubbed her head and cheek and told her how much I loved her. Even in her sleep, she said "lub you mommy". I love it when my girls tell me they love me. My heart melts every time.

- When Sutton brushes my hair or tries to make it pretty. She loves playing with my hair, but hates her hair being brushed.

- When I walk into daycare and the girls run up to us to say hello. They immediately want down because they have to grab their lunch pails.

- When we are on a walk and the girls say, "hand" and they grab our hands and we walk all together.

- When the girls ask about "wa-wa" every evening on the way home from daycare. They can't wait to see Walter.

- Seeing how maternal Sutton is. She loves her baby dolls and will push them around in their strollers. Avery and Sutton now put their blankets over their babies in the stroller because they are protecting them. It is the cutest thing ever.

- The girls are starting to love their rocking horses now. They say rocking, rocking, rocking as they rock back and forth on it. But they immediately get off if they accidentally press the horses ear and it makes horse sounds.

- Sending your best friend a text because you wrote a blog post about her and she tells you that it made her day. She also asks if she can use the story in her book that she is writing about her accident and what she overcame.

- When the girls pack so much food into their mouths so they can have more. They will get a mini cookie and stuff it in their mouth and keep asking for more. They will only chew it when we don't give them more or when their mouth is too full. It is funny to see them chipmuck the food.

- When the girls see an airplane, they say "plane or airplane" and make sure to point it out to us when we are driving in the car.

- When the girls give each other hugs and kisses.

- When Avery protects her sister if Sutton gets in trouble. She will come up to us and point at us and tell us NO. Like we can't punish her sister. She loves her sister something fierce.


  1. I love that the girls are so protective over each other. Precious!! Hearing "love you mommy" is the best sound even at 2 am haha. Hope she's feeling better!!

  2. Those little moments with the kids are the best. I love when I've been out and come home to get a huge welcome from them. Usually it's Drew who gets that, so when I do it's super special!

  3. Avery not wanting you guys to punish Sutton is seriously precious! Sisterly love!

  4. The little things really are the best! I am so going to miss them when the girls are older.

  5. Oh my heavens how sweet is this?!

  6. I absolutely adore the power of sisters and especially twins. They care for one another and have such a special bond. It's so great to document these little things so you don't forget! Also, the I love you in her sleep would have me melted right there on the floor. So sweet! And that's awesome your friend is writing a book. So incedibly special!

  7. Hearing "I love you" from Mila (and Maci eventually) will always be my favorite. Especially when it's completely unprompted. And hearing how Avery protects Sutton is just the sweetest thing ever. Melt my heart! Thanks for linking up, Danielle!

  8. I love this... you need to flag/tag/print this out for when your girls are teenagers driving you nuts & you need these little reminders of how sweet they are ;) haha

  9. Doesn't it just melt your heart when they tell you they love you? There is no sweeter sound! There truly isn't.

  10. This is too sweet! Sorry to hear Avery wasn't feeling well, but how adorable that she said she lubs you! <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. The little things are truly amazing and so important to cherish.

  12. What a great way to remember these small but great moments in life by keeping a little list from time to time!

  13. This is such a great way to remember the little things that can easily be forgotten. They sound like such sweet sisters. How cute they already have each others backs :) Beautifully Candid