Thursday, March 23, 2017

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Man

Almost a month ago, Lindsay wrote 39 things about her favorite person because he was turning 39. Well just like Lindsay's husband, Rory is turning 39 today. I seriously can't believe that! One more year until he is 40. And he hates when I remind him of that.

But Rory is my favorite person EVER. I mention Rory here and there, but I never really go into what he does, how his brain works and his passions. That is why I am going to give you 39 things about my husband today.

1. Rory and I were born in the same city, but he moved away when he was 7 (I was a year and a half) to California. He moved to one of the most expensive areas in Northern California, Marin.

2. Rory grew up a die hard Niners, Giants and Warriors fan. His family had Niners season tickets most of his life and we have been to four games together. He has seen the Giants play in their old stadium (Candlestick) and AT&T park (new stadium).
Niners Candlestick Park

3. Rory is super competitive when it comes to sports. He has been known to get fouls called on him for elbowing someone during basketball.

4. Rory is pretty amazing at golf, but his driver swing has been lacking in the last couple years. He used to be a 7 handicap, but it has since dropped. He can hit the ball soooo far.

5. Rory went to the same high school as Tupac and Courtney Thorne-Smith (Melrose Place and Two and a Half Men).

6. He used to break dance as a kid.

7. His favorite genre of music is rap/hip-hop. He was listening to rap music as a young child and it still holds strong as his favorite.

8. Rory knows all of the words to Ice Ice Baby. He always sings it when it comes on the radio.

9. We went to the same university and both majored in business, but his focus was finance. He was also part of the business fraternity.
Nevada Wolf Pack Tailgate

10. Rory does yoga every Wednesday. He also does yoga at home. It is the only effective way of him keeping his back in good health. #backspasms

11. He is very loud. He has been known to get into one too many "fights" on twitter. He was also threatened on his yelp account since he was an elite and someone was pissed off at one of his reviews.

12. Rory is part french and he has the nose to prove it.

13. Rory cooks the best eggs. Nobody's can compare to his. He uses a splash of vanilla and spices and they are the fluffiest eggs.

14. He is extremely intelligent. He can carry on the best conversations with people and just seems to have a lot of knowledge on everything.
wedding rehearsal

15. He has big feet. Size 14.

16. He loves dessert. Mint chip ice cream, dark chocolate anything, pies, frozen yogurt...but he is not a big fan of cake.

17. He is an adventurous eater. When we were just co-workers, a bunch of us went to a pho restaurant and he got this soup with tripe (stomach lining), tongue and another weird body part. It looked so foul, but he happily ate it. His favorite basque dish is sweet breads (cow glands).

18. Rory loves to go hiking. He has more gear than anyone I know and is up for a hike no matter the time of year or weather.

19. Rory loves reading the news. He is always in the know.

20. Rory loves Airhead bites almost as much as I do. I introduced them to him and now he even gets them when he travels like I do.

21. Rory is the perfect mix of Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith. Seriously. Look at his picture. If Rory grows out a beard and wears a hat, he is dead on for Rodgers.

22. He doesn't cook much, but is amazing when it comes to grilling meats. Speaking of cooking, I remember one time when we were dating, he made himself spaghetti, but it turned out to be more like chili that he put on noodles.

23. He can change a diaper in no time flat. And he is never grossed out by the poopy diapers. Or if he is, he never shows it.

24. When I was pregnant, I think Rory secretly wanted boys, but now that he has girls, I don't think he would change it for anything. His girls have him wrapped around their fingers and loves them something fierce.

25. His favorite cocktail is an Old Fashion.

26. He has had the same best friend since second grade.

27. Rory was the cutest little boy. He had the blondest hair and always looked so put together in all his photos growing up. His mom even made his and his sister's clothes.

28. Rory and his sister often have calf off competitions. They have now included my sweet nephew in the best calves competition.

29. Rory and his sister send each other videos doing their best "new boot goofing" when they get new shoes.

30. He has been out of the country a lot. Between work and personal, he has traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, Italy, England, Malta, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and I am sure I am missing some.

31. He has had season tickets to both football and basketball at the University of Nevada for as long as I can remember. He loves his team through and through. Even when I gave up my basketball tickets because I couldn't watch them lose anymore (I know, awful. Especially since they are soooo good this year).

32. He isn't into Halloween or dressing up (costumes), but he has been a good sport for me over the years.
Juno Costume

33. He loves watching old 80s movies. He constantly puts on something from our past. From the Godfather to Revenge of the Nerds.

34. He is part of a long line of Nevada alumnis. So many of his family members graduated from there.

35. His middle name is his grandfather's name. His dad also carries it as his middle name. If we were ever to have a boy, he would have the middle name of Allan as well.

36. He loves to garden and do yard work. And now he can't wait to share that with the girls.

37. He loves snowboarding and used to strive to be the first chair (first one on the lift for the day means fresh powder).

38. He won't eat pineapple on his pizza.

39. He LOVES shoes. He has more pairs of shoes than I do.

Happy Birthday Rory!
twin family photos

That is a lot harder than it looks. Coming up with 39 things about a person is tough, but I am so glad that I could showcase my favorite person!


  1. This is so fun!! I loved learning more about your main man :) I laughed at the chili spaghetti! He reminds me alot of my husband - I think Rick can make the best eggs, he was also such a cute little boy, and he still has the same friends since 1st grade!! Happy Birthday to Rory!

  2. Happy birthday to my birthday buddy!! I hope he has a great day! :)

  3. Happy birthday to him! I hope you are having a blast celebrating him on your vacation. Number 11 made me laugh, haha.

  4. Happy birthday Rory! Love this post so fun! I should do this for Mike as he will be 40 in August!

  5. Happy Birthday Rory! I loved reading this and learning more about him! My hubby has a lot in common (3, 8, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 23, 26, 32, 36) and he needs to do #10 because he has back problems all the time! Size 14? Wow! I saw a size 13 at the Academy the other day and it almost looked fake.

  6. This is so cool Danielle! I love it! It's really neat to learn more about your guy. He is definitely an awesome husband and father, but it's fun to see a little more about his personality. What a great guy! Happy Birthday to him, and hope you guys are having an absolute blast in Mexico!

  7. My husband will be 39 in May! Happy Birthday Rory!

  8. I think we need him to do a blog post on those eggs!!!!
    & what is with men who act like style isnt a man's thing - my hubs has over 50 pairs of jeans. These guys!!!
    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  9. Happy Birthday Rory! I still remember when I was dating Chris and we would visit Rory in NV, he was always so fun and kind.

  10. I hope he has a wonderful birthday!! :)

  11. Aww! This is so sweet. You two are so cute together! Happy birthday!!