Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Since I participated in the cutest mug love exchange yesterday, I didn't have a chance to recap my weekend. Though they may be a lot of the same, we are going through renovations and I want to capture all of it. The fun, the good, the bad and the ugly. Believe me, it gets ugly when you have to pick out things like lights and you and your husband can't agree on any. #thestruggleisreal

Anyways, let's get back to my weekend. Friday after work, we picked up the girls and headed home for a long nap, or so we hoped. The girls had other plans. I had a million and one errands to run, so as soon as we got home and got the girls down, I left. And less than an hour later, Sutton was up and ready to party. Avery slept about two hours.

I had to pick up my Carly dress from my hairstylist and since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped to pick up some tea (to use in my new mug!) and a coffee to go. Then I went to two tile stores. One to return samples that I took home and the other to pay for our tile order. Seriously a $2 per square foot difference in the same tile at two different places.

Next, I had to go to Subaru to pick up my garage door opener since I left it in the loaner. That took time as they had to find the loaner, find the person I always deal with and make sure it was mine. I was so tempted to go test drive a brand new Legacy Limited. But I decided against it....FOR NOW. Next, it was off to Costco for diapers and snow suits. Costco, has the cutest snow suits (overall pants and jacket) for $29.99. They may not be the "best", but they will due for my girls for the next year or two.

And finally, I headed to the grocery store where everything was on sale (or it seemed like it) and I spent a fortune stocking up on our essentials.

I came home and we took Walter and the girls for a walk and then made blts with brussel sprouts for dinner. We watched some football and I was asleep on the couch pretty early.

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at our favorite place, Two Chicks. The girls love their cinnamon apple french toast...and so does mommy!
twins in Nevada gear

After breakfast, we headed to Petco for some dog food and treats and then to Hobby Lobby. I finally was able to go and I was in heaven. I bought a bunch of Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving items and I couldn't have been happier. Plus I found a ton of Christmas stuff I want to purchase. One trip at a time I told myself.

We went home after Hobby Lobby for the girls' naps. My mom came over at 1 to watch the girls, so we could head to the Nevada vs. Fresno State game. We tailgated and ate some pretty amazing bbq.
Brothers bbq
Brisket, pulled Pork, spicy coleslaw and a roll

Yes I ate all of that and a little more. No shame.

After eating a lot and drinking some, we headed into the game. The game went back and forth in the second half as it has come to expect lately. But the Wolf Pack pulled out a win at the end of the game.
Mackay Stadium
Smores caramel apple
 S'more caramel apple
Nevada fan
The best football date

After the game, we headed home to relieve my mom from babysitting duty and relaxed the rest of the evening. We watched more football and then were out like lights again.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast again and then I headed to the grocery store again. After shopping, Rory mowed the lawn while I hung out with the girls. During this time, Sutton crawled into my lap and hung out and fell asleep there. It has been so long since my girls have done that. I was loving every second of it. But I ended up putting her down for her nap and then took Avery in right after. While they slept, we started prepping the kitchen for our whitewashing. We have a brick wall in our kitchen that leads into the laundry room and dining room. Since we are renovating our kitchen, the brick wall needs a bit of updating. After researching, we decided to whitewash the brick wall. 

My in laws came over to watch the girls since it gets pretty messy. After three hours, we had two coats painted and the wall looks beautiful. I am so happy with the way it came out. I will save the pictures for another post detailing how to whitewash brick.

Once we were done, we cleaned up and then played with the girls a bit before dinner, bath time and bed time (for the girls). After they were sound asleep, I made our dinner and we watched some football and then another episode of Secrets and Lies. It was an all around good day. Though I am sore from all the painting. And getting my flu shot yesterday.

How was your weekend?


  1. Holy busy weekend. You guys had a lot going on, but most of it was fun, but makes it all worth it. Love the photo from breakfast. Sweet girl!

  2. What a weekend! So glad you were able to get things accomplished & squeeze in some fun, too.

  3. Oh man I wish we had a hobby lobby near many good things! That apple looks DELICIOUS

    1. They do have so many good things. The apple was heavenly. Sweet though!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! I picked up Brayden's coat and snow pants from Costco too (my girls have amazing hand me downs from my nieces) I get Brayden a set every 2 years from there and they last! And you cannot beat that price. Did you see the super nice gloves they had for kids and adults? I picked those up too, now let's hope we don't all lose them! Yay for your team pulling out a win, wish I could say the same for our Bears :( And I cannot wait to read about and see your brick wall!

  5. Grocery shopping is always a small fortune it's crazy! Costco does have some cute clothes! I got a snow suit there last year for my daughter and ur should fit for this year again!

  6. What a busy productive weekend! I cannot wait to see the whitewashed brick!

  7. Man, that was a lot of busy... but Hobby Lobby & yummy apples were in there so its all good ;)

  8. Holy moly, you were one busy lady this weekend! That cinnamon apple french toast sounds divine, and your tailgate food looked amazing, too! What a great weekend!

  9. Cinnamon apple french toast?! YES please! Sounds like a great weekend filled with love, football, and yummy food <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. What an adorable little family you have!! Totally started drooling over that s'mores caramel apple...found you in East Coast Nat's link-up and I'm so glad I did!

    1. Thank you so much! It was a really good caramel apple. I live for those at the football games. So glad you found me!!!

  11. So busy!! And is it sad I am practically drooling here over that caramel apple?

  12. You fit so much in! What a fun weekend, and productive too. I want to try Apple Cinnamon French Toast! Also, I forgot to reply, but yes, I think the girls would like the Go, Go Smartwheels Train. They actually have a doll house, a farm, a space ship, etc. So, you could definitely find something up their alley. And the one I got was only 29.99, so it was an awesome deal. You can just search them on Amazon! I bought ours at Marshall's.

  13. What a busy weekend! I just bought Mila a new snowsuit (got it during a sale at The Children's Place) - it seemed crazy buying one already, but I couldn't find any last year when Mila needed one (so she wore a snowsuit that was a good 2 inches too short, haha). That s'mores caramel apple looks to die for! I can't wait to see your kitchen remodel!