Monday, October 24, 2016


The weekend is over, I am exhausted, sick, but so thankful for a short work week! Hello Nevada Day (Friday)!

We had a pretty busy weekend and it flew by in an instant.

Friday after work, I headed to Wine and Cheeseboard to treat myself to a yummy lunch. You may have seen this on IG. I had the grilled cheese, cup of curried cauliflower soup and a salad that was covered in fruit and nuts. It was soooo good and a great way to start the weekend.
Wine and Cheese Board The Trio

After a quick lunch, I went about a block away to get my hair done. I was able to relax, chat with my friend, have a glass of wine and get my hair fixed. My hair felt amazingly soft that night.

I then headed over to the tile store since the back splash we had picked out was 5 weeks out. I wasn't too keen on any of the samples we received, so I needed another look. Plus I wanted to pair the samples with the sample of my floor tile and my counter tops. The good news is, I found a replacement and it is only a week and a half out!!
Kitchen remodel samples

After the tile store, I headed home to meet with my contractor and crew to see the progress. Let me tell you, it is looking beautiful. The tile is in along with the grout and I am one happy camper about that. My vision is coming together nicely.

Rory and the girls arrived home not much later. I just locked the house up (the area the crew wasn't working in) and we headed up to my in-laws house for dinner. The girls were a bit sassy that evening, but we did manage to have a wonderful night. Avery took full advantage of grandma's dinner.
toddler at the dinner table
toddler at the dinner table - toddler eats

Saturday morning we headed out to breakfast and Costco. We didn't do too much after that as the girls needed their naps and we had some things to do around the house (like winterize our sprinklers). At 3:30, my sister came over to watch the girls while we went to the tailgate and football game. Her boyfriend came over a little later to help out.

We had an amazing time at the tailgate complete with a huge taco bar, but then had an upset at the game. The Pack lost their QB in the second quarter, but it ended up being better for us. Our second string is playing pretty well despite our loss. The game was on ESPN so we got home pretty late (11:30 pm).

Sunday morning we headed out to breakfast and then home so Rory could drop some stuff off at SPCA and another local charity. We donated so many clothes and furniture. Since we are renovating, it is easy to go through stuff and donate. Plus it makes more room for the new furniture we bought.

The girls and I were watching football and they ended up falling asleep in my arms and I enjoyed every second of it. Rory came home to this.
toddler naps

A little while later, we loaded the car up with all of our laundry and headed to my in-laws house. We had a quick bite to eat and then put the girls back down for a longer nap since they didn't nap too long on my lap. We also did a few loads of laundry and watched the awful Niner game. After naps, we took a long walk.

Around 4:30, we left to head home and drop off our laundry and then headed to Rory's cousins house for dinner. We were celebrating Rory's cousins birthday with an amazing spread. The girls dug right in!

Eating dinner with their cousin

We capped off the evening with some football and New York cheesecake! The girls even stayed up until 8 pm at their cousins house.

We headed home shortly later to get the girls ready for bedtime and get all of their stuff ready for the week. We watched some tv and fell asleep pretty early.

A few hours later, I woke up to check on Sutton (she has a cough) and I had the worst sore throat. Like razor blades cutting my throat. Needless to say, my body is ran down and I need to take it easy the next few days. But overall, we had the best weekend.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Any weekend that involves grilled cheese is a win for me! haha The cauliflower soup sounds awesome too! Love the pic of you with all the snuggles :)

  2. You seriously fit so much in! What a fun weekend, and yay for the progress on the renos. That meal looked AMAZING. Yum! Hope you are feeling better this week.

  3. I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hope you're on the mend before your trip! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Girl, that first picture that you posted is making me hungry and I just ate! And that picture of you and the girls looks like heaven. Oh how I miss the days of having babies sleeping in my lap. I hope you get to feeling better soon, Danielle! XO

  5. Oh my goodness your weekend sounds so fun!! (except for ending with a sore throat!) That first picture of your lunch looks sooo good! Yay for finding a new backsplash! I love that color! I hope you feel better ASAP! Moms shouldn't be allowed to get sick :(

  6. Totally thought the watermark on that first picture of the girls was a giant temporary tattoo that said "latte" on your kid's arm. I was like "I love lattes too but man that is some dedication."

  7. That lunch looks amazing! Your weekend sounds like it was full to the brim-but all good things :-) Hope you feel better soon!

    1. It was all good things for sure. Other than getting sick. Ugh.

  8. To say you had a busy weekend is an understatement! Your girls are precious and so are their names! Feel better soon! Pour yourself a glass of orange juice and put one pack of Emergen-C in it. Helps me every time!

    1. It sure was. Hopefully this weekend is less chaotic. Thank you so much on my girls! They are the best. I need that Emergen-C pronto!

  9. What a busy weekend! Glad you had fun though!

  10. A great weekend! I was drooling over that lunch photo in insta! Hope you feel better!