Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Excuse my absence yesterday. I had no motivation to write a post, nor did I have the time.

Remember when I said I was going to Oklahoma this weekend (post here)? Remember how much I have been looking forward to this trip? Well it did not happen. The weather was awful, a massive fire broke out near us and flights were either cancelled or sold out (later in the day). We wouldn't have gotten into Oklahoma until late Saturday which means we would have missed the Kansas State vs. Oklahoma game. We were to leave early Monday morning, so we wouldn't have been there that long. We unfortunately have to reschedule our trip for another day. And anyone with kids knows how hard it is to coordinate it all. Hopefully we can figure it out sometime soon.

So basically we woke up Friday morning and the wind was howling like crazy. Huge gusts and then we find out that the controlled burn they were doing all week wasn't put out properly and started a massive fire. It closed all roads that lead us to work and the fire jumped the highway. Several structures, homes and land was destroyed from it.

We headed to the airport like normal and everything was still on time until it wasn't. Flights were being diverted, but still would get us out at some point. Since we would miss our connecting flight, we changed our connection to later in the day and headed to the bar to have a beer. About 20 minutes later our flight was cancelled and by the time I got through to Southwest, the later flight that took us through a different city but got in around the same time as our changed flight was over sold. And it ends up that they took off late too.

Meanwhile at home, the girls were enjoying themselves with their aunt.
toddler eats

We came home with hopes of heading to work to save some time off, but the roads were closed. Double whammy. So we hung out at home, watched tv and ran a few errands.

Saturday morning we were still bummed out, but we headed to breakfast and then came home for a family walk since there was a break in the weather. But not long later the rain and wind came back and it did not stop until Monday. So we built a fire and played inside all day long.

At 3 pm, my in-laws came over (they were supposed to watch the girls all weekend) and Rory and I headed out to run some errands, go to the movies and dinner. A little date night. We went to West Elm and bought a console table and bench (for our mud room).
toddler eats
toddler coloring activities
twin story time

We went to see The Girl on the Train which ended up being pretty good. There were definitely some differences from the book, but I enjoyed the movie. Then we went to a new restaurant in town, Bukko. It is a Japanese restaurant that features sushi and other Japanese grill foods. It was really good. Then we headed next door to Death and Taxes for some drinks. We were enjoying our Old Fashions and in walks Stacey and her husband. Totally unplanned, but so welcome. We got to catch up with some of my favorite friends which was awesome since none of our weekend had gone to plan at that point.

After dinner and drinks we headed home to catch the last bit of the Nevada vs. San Jose State in which we lost. It was dumb. That is all I can say about it.

Avery decided she didn't want to sleep that night, so she woke us all up and I ended up sleeping in the guest bed with Avery and Rory in our bed with Sutton. Rory and Sutton slept, but Avery kept us up until after 4 am. I barely slept an hour or so Saturday night. So needless to say, Sunday was rough. We built a fire, watched it rain all day and stayed inside. I was exhausted and my ear was aching. I felt a cold coming on so I didn't move from the couch much.

Monday morning we got up early and finished prepping our house for the renovations. The contractor and his crew came over at 8 am and started working. I went over a lot of stuff with the contractor and crew while Rory tended to the girls. We left about 9 am up to my in-laws house for the day. Rory and I went to breakfast by ourselves and to Lowes to grab a few things for the renovations. Then we came back and took a walk around their neighborhood. We spent most of the day hanging out and talking renovations. We got to facetime my nephew and then headed home around 5:30 to see what they had done to our house so far. It was crazy to see.

We ordered pizza and watched some dvr'd shows since we couldn't get our Netflix to work (the wind was really bad). We did manage to watch about 5 episodes of Parenthood over the weekend and we are hooked! Thank you all for the suggestion of watching it.

How was your weekend?


  1. I am so sorry the trip didn't get to happen, I know you were looking forward to it. Glad y'all are safe - that's crazy, and scary about the fire situation :/ It's nice y'all got a little date night!
    The girls are precious (as always;)!

  2. Dang Danielle, that really stinks that your trip got cancelled. And so scary about the fires. I hope everything gets better for you guys and you're able to reschedule soon! But you're right, it's always SO hard finding the time to schedule trips when you have babies to think about. I'm glad that you at least got to get out for a little date night. I want to see that movie!

  3. What a bummer about your trip. That fire sounds scary! It sounds like you still had a bit of fun this weekend with your date night. Hope the renovations are going well!

  4. Oh man... things have just been going all sorts of topsy turvey for you.
    At least you got in a little date night. Something positive, right?
    Hope you get that trip scheduled again soon

  5. Aw sorry your trip got cancelled! Glad you got a date night in and some good family time. Glad you are enjoying Parenthood, it is such a good show and I miss it so much!

  6. Aw I felt so bad when I saw your Facebook post. That stunk! Sorry hun. Glad you guys made the most of the weekend. I'm excited for you about the renovations. I can't wait to see/hear more. Hope you get some sleep!

  7. Boo for no trip!! I am sure that was so upsetting! It sounds like you still got to have some fun this weekend though (well, except for the no sleep) and yay for a date night!

  8. We saw Girl on the Train as well. I liked it and yes a little different from book but not a bad book turned movie at all. Do you like those booster chairs for the girls? Thinking of switching to one for E so she can sit at the table with us.