Thursday, December 26, 2013

Losing A Friend

Today I found out a lifelong friend of mine passed away yesterday, on Christmas day.  I am so bummed to hear this.  I have known Candice since kindergarten.  She was a kind and strong woman who fought Stage 4 Breast Cancer for the last two years.

When Candice was 28 she found out she had Stage IIB breast cancer.  She went through treatment including a double mastectomy, but her cancer spread to her lymph nodes and into her bones. That is when her status was updated to Stage 4.  She fought until the day she died, and yesterday she joined God and is no longer in pain. 

I have been following her blog and facebook to see her progress.  Read her story here.  She was inspiring and a fighter.  I feel blessed to have called her my friend.
RIP Candice Chilton

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