Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wedding Album

I was really on top of it for awhile regarding post wedding crafting and decorating, but have since failed a bit.  We were given a wedding album as a bridal shower gift.  Once we got our photos back, I put as many as I could in that album (in order of the day).  Then I started searching for photo albums online.  I didn't care if they matched or not because I liked the two different looks.

This weekend I finally bit the bullet and purchased one.  I am very happy with it.  My husband thinks it is a bit girly, but he didn't help me pick one out, so this is what he gets.  Plus he said I could pick what I wanted.  I still have about 130ish photos left that I need to put in an album, so that posed a bit of a problem, but this listing I found on etsy makes large photo albums.

Here is the photo album I ordered, but I had it customized to our wedding colors and feel.
image via CoutureLife on Etsy
It is simple, yet elegant.  Our other album is sterling silver with an 8x10 photo.  I think they will match nicely.  Here is how I customized it: instead of the lavender ribbon, we chose navy blue ribbon.  Then we changed the flower to an ivory hydrangea (just color change).  We kept the gray bow and changed the name tag to our names.  It is a soft cover and goes with our romantic theme (just no lace).

What do you think?  Did you order an album?  Did you even put your photos up or in something?


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  2. Jude, I am glad you like the wedding album and article. Enjoy planning. It is such an amazing and stressful time, haha.