Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I Feel So Grown Up

The title says it all.  I feel so much more grown up now.  I got a dog, got married and now we bought some furniture for the house.  You know you are getting older when you get excited over new furniture or even a vacuum.  Yes, I was pretty pumped when we got a new vacuum.  I couldn't wait to try it out, and I enjoy vacuuming so much more now.  Dang I feel old.

As I said in my post here, we bought new furniture and last Wednesday we had it delivered.  I also got to vacuum the house at least twice that day (once before delivery and once after).  We moved a bunch of furniture around, made room for our Christmas tree and did a major spring winter cleaning.  While the furniture was being delivered, I made my ornament garland (post here).

I am so happy with our new furniture and the end result.  I am a bad blogger and didn't take any before photos, but those are boring anyways.  Here is our new furniture.
 Acacia wood coffee table (has drawers on both sides)
 Acacia wood media center (more room and drawers)
New rug
We bought the rug from Ikea (great little find) over a month ago, but saved it for our new furniture.  Everything looks more complete, adult like and lasting I hope.

We also bought a new tv for our kitchen.  We registered for it on our wedding registry, but we didn't receive it.  So we used gift cards for the tv and mount and Rory installed it Wednesday night.  Now I can watch football while I am cooking dinner.  I was always jealous that Rory watched NFL football without me while I was cooking.  No more of that.
It was super easy to install (I helped a bit while addressing our Christmas cards), but we just need something to cover those cords.  It is a smart tv, but won't connect to the cable box wirelessly (is that even a word?).  What is the point of a smart tv and wireless cable box (huh AT&T U-verse) if it still needs cords?

You are probably not as excited as I am, but I am so happy with my new furniture.

Do you get pumped over getting new adult furniture, appliances or other household items?


  1. Love the new furniture! The coffee table is awesome with those drawers! Matt and I looked at vacuums when we were on vacation one time. I was like, HOLD ON... we need to stop this. We are not THAT old. Hehe

    1. I absolutely love the new coffee table. Seeing your coffee table and end tables made me want to get new ones. Plus our old entertainment center was from Ikea about 9 years ago and so bachelor-ish. I didn't like it. So much better now.

      Too funny that you looked at vacuums on a vacation. I am in NYC next week and I have a feeling I will be shopping in furniture/household goods stores. I am getting old.

  2. Haha well I am excited for your new furniture, I think it looks great!!

    1. Thanks Stephanie. Now I am excited for my work trip next week....NYC here I come. Your hypnotic post got me all excited for NYC and all the Christmas stuff up there.