Friday, December 6, 2013

Wine Bottles

I have been meaning to write this post for awhile now, but never got around to it.  My dad gave us some amazing gifts for our wedding.  He etched our champagne glasses and two bottles of wine for us.  These are so special to me.  Now we have personalized champagne glasses (2 of each design, 4 in total) to drink from every anniversary.

We also got two bottles of wine.  We drank one of them within a week of our wedding and have the other saved for our one year anniversary to eat with our cake (no we didn't freeze our top tier, GROSS) our baker is remaking us.
 Rory and Danielle (monogrammed B) August 17, 2013
Nevada Wolf Pack with our names in hearts and our wedding date

I really love these wine bottles.  I just wish I could get better pictures of them because the camera didn't do them any justice.

Since we loved our gifts so much, I asked my dad if he could make our friend's Stacey and Matt one for their wedding and our cousin's (my new in-law cousins) one for their wedding.  I only have pictures of the practice session, but you will get the picture.
Cousin's wine bottle
Friend's wine bottle

We were told by both that these were amazing gifts and so special to them as well.  My dad is a rockstar when it comes to glass etching.  And now for our beautiful champagne glasses.
Left: The Butler's and our wedding date. Right: Our names in a heart with our wedding date
The man behind the work, my dad.  Plus we are using the champagne glasses for the toast.

Now I want to make ask my dad to make so many other things.  I have one in the works as a Christmas gift to my husband.  After Christmas I will post what we are making.

This weekend I am going to make use of more wine bottles (that are empty) and make some cute santas and snowmen.  Miss Stacey made some this last weekend and I am dying to make some for my house!


  1. We absolutely LOVE our etched bottle from you guys. The best present ever! We are saving it for our one year anniversary :) Your dad is a complete etching rock star! I love the bottles you guys have...especially the UNR one. So perfect!

    1. My dad loves to make these projects. He can do it on acrylic, glass, metal, wood and other materials. We should think of projects and he can experiment with it. He's helping me with a Christmas gift for Rory. So happy. Glad you guys love your wine bottle. Very special.