Friday, December 20, 2013

A Little Football and Comedy

It is that time again...Fan Friday.  I missed last weeks because I was in my favorite city, New York.  That is where I would like to be again right now, but I am not.  I am stuck at work.  Yes I am blogging at work, just a quick post.

I am super excited for football and Daniel Tosh this weekend.  Yes I am finally seeing Daniel Tosh.  I have been obsessed with his comedy for years now, but I have only seen his show (Tosh.O) and his comedy specials.  Tosh has been to Tahoe the last couple of years, but he always sells out so fast.  Well this year, I got tickets (and they cost a pretty penny) and we are heading to Tahoe with my sister and her boyfriend.  I can't wait to laugh and be totally offended.
I lost in fantasy football last week by two points to my father in law.  Boo, so he gets to play my husband in the championship playoffs.  At least I made it to the playoffs in the champions bracket.  Now I get to play the loser of my husbands last week match.  Too bad Adrian Peterson was out last week and back this week.  Where were you last week AP?  You let me down.

And Monday is the last football game in The Stick (Candlestick Park).  Very sad day, but so excited for the new stadium.  I can't wait to go there next year.  My last visit to The Stick the Niners lost to the Panthers and it was a sad day in both aspects, but I intend to watch every last second of Monday nights game.  Goodbye Candlestick.

So the Niners really need a win Monday.  Shouldn't be too hard right?  I hope not.  They are playing the Falcons at home, it's the last game at The Stick and the Falcons are 4-10.  The Niners need a win and the Cardinals need a loss, but I want them to win because I hate the Seahawks.  Sorry Dad and other Seahawks fans, but you guys are our NFC West rival and it is too hard to root for you.  But I also don't want the Cardinals stealing the wildcard spot.  Plus the Niners play the Cardinals (in AZ) the last week of the season and I can't bare a nail biter game.  So football gods, please let the Niners win this weekend, the Cardinals win this weekend and then the Niners smash the Cardinals in the final game of the season.  That is all I want for Christmas (ok I want more, but I want this bad).  And I think I have been pretty good this year.

Is your team on the cusp of a wildcard playoff spot, are they totally out or are they the lucky ones who are already in?
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