Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Puerto Vallarta Vacation Days 7 and 8

I am back for the last installment of our Puerto Vallarta Mexico vacation. You can read yesterday's post here.

Remember how I said you need the mosquito nets in Sayulita?
Amor Boutique Hotel

Well it turns out they were right. We put the net around us while we slept and when we woke there were bugs on the net and inside the villa. Yes, we slept with our sliders open, so that contributed to it, but who wouldn't want to sleep with them open when you are that high up away from everyone. And no, there weren't a ton of bugs, just a few. But I remember on BIP people complaining about the bugs.

We got up leisurely which was amazing since we NEVER get to do that. We got ready, sat out on the balcony to read for awhile before heading out around 10:30. While I read my book, Rory looked for breakfast places. He found one not too far from our hotel and it was really good (Yah Yah Sayulita Cafe). We both got lattes, and a fruit, granola and yogurt bowl to share and then I had the french toast while he had a special eggs benedict. My french toast was made using their homemade bread that had so many grains and deliciousness in it.
yah yah sayulita cafe
 Before yogurt and granola
yah yah Sayulita cafe
And after. That is fresh, homemade granola that we begged them to buy some extra.

This was the best fruit, yogurt and granola bowl I have ever had. So good. I could eat that every morning. 

After breakfast, we walked around the town some more. We wanted to go back to a few stores to buy some gifts and souvenirs. We also made another stop for coffees, waters and a beer. You can walk around with beers or drinks in Sayulita and no one says anything about it. So we decided to have a farewell beer while walking back towards the bus stop. We left Sayulita around 1:30 pm and got back to Puerto Vallarta at 3 pm.

When we walked into the condo, the girls greeted us and sang Happy Birthday to Rory. It was so cute and sweet. I guess they were practicing all day.

We settled back into the condo and headed up to the pool with the girls. We were able to lay out for awhile and get some Mexican sun. Since it was Rory's birthday, I let him pick where he wanted me to take him for his birthday dinner. He chose a place that we went to last year, but when we arrived there they didn't have the dishes we wanted to have (filet minion fajitas and an amazing seafood pasta). I have no idea why they took it off the menu as it was insanely popular, but they did. Plus they wanted to seat us right next to the door which the seat got bumped every time the door opened. So we decided to go somewhere else.

We went looking for our back up and found out it was closed randomly. So we went back to a favorite, Joe Jack's Fish Shack and the wait was short which is unheard of. We started off with the papaya thai salad and two cocktails. Then I had one of their specials, meatballs with zoodles, veggies and mashed potatoes. Sounds weird, but it was heavenly. Rory got their octopus special. It was spicy and perfectly tender. Then we got another round of cocktails and the best coconut pie.
Joe Jack's papaya thai salad 
Papaya salad
Joe Jack's meatball special
 Meatball special
Joe Jack's Coconut pie

After dinner, we walked around, reminisced about our day and headed back to the condo for a glass of wine and bedtime.

Friday we got up and I headed out to the atm and to pick up pastries for everyone to enjoy. Once I got back, we all ate and then Rory and I headed off to massages. We had another hour and a half massage and it was even better than the first. We were so relaxed and felt like a million bucks.

After our massages, we went out to grab lunch Salud Super Foods which featured salads, sandwiches and smoothies. Everything was healthy and delicious. The girls even loved my Thai bowl I got. After lunch, we put the girls down for naps and I read while they napped. Once they got up, we got them ready for some pool time. We went to the pool for a couple of hours. We were able to layout, play in the pool and enjoy our last full day in Puerto Vallarta.

We got the girls dinner and fed them while my in-laws headed out to dinner. We put the girls down for bed and read on the patio while we waited.
Puerto Vallarta sunsets
Puerto Vallarta sunsets

I never get tired of this sunset. Once my in-laws were back, we headed out to the restaurant we wanted to try the day before but was closed, Martini en Fuego Grill. This is a little mom and pops restaurant with only 7 or so tables in it. We timed it right and got in quickly, but right after there was a long line. 

We ordered a shrimp dish that had a bunch of garlic in a ceramic pot and it was really good. It was basically like a shrimp scampi. It came with bread to soak in all the garlic broth.
Martini en Fuego Grill Bar
Martini en Fuego Grill Bar

Rory got a traditional Mexican plate with chile releno, enchilada, steak and all the sides. I got a baby fried red snapper with rice and veggies.
Martini en Fuego Grill Bar

The sauce was so good and paired perfectly with all aspects of the dish.

After dinner, we walked the Melacon and Rory got gelato, but I was still too stuffed for anything else. We tried to find a bar for another margarita, but none were open yet (in the area we were at and was not a restaurant).

So we walked a bunch more before heading back to the condo and finishing the wine we had left. We settled in for bed and I woke up early not feeling that well. I had a stomach ache, but I am not sure what from. Rory ate what I ate and felt great. 

We packed our things while my in-laws watched the girls and before we knew it, it was time to head down to go to the airport. We said our tearful goodbyes and headed off. The girls fell asleep in the taxi on the way to the airport. We got through the Southwest lines in a half hour which is so much better than last year in the United line. Security was easy and Rory walked around with the girls while we waited for our flight.

As I said before, our flights were pretty good and the girls weren't too crazy on the way home. We did have some meltdowns, but everyone near us was pretty good with the girls. 

We got home at 10 pm, put the girls to bed, showered, unpacked and headed to bed after an episode of Modern Family.

And there you have it. Our amazing Mexico vacation. I can't wait for next year's vacation sans toddlers!!!

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  1. I want that fruit, yogurt and granola right now for breakfast, YUM!!! Girl, what great memories you have in tow from this trip!! Happy Wednesday sweetness!!

    1. Me too. I miss having that and want it as my daily breakfast. I have a ton of amazing memories and definitely times I want to cherish forever!

  2. That fruit/yogurt granola dish looks amazing! I could eat that every day too. How cute the girls sang Happy Birthday to Rory! This looks like such a nice vacation and the food all looks and sounds amazing, even though sometimes you can hear mixed things. I want to go to Mexico so bad but my hubby is stuck on the food not being that great. I need him to read your trip recaps, maybe he'll change his mind!

  3. Oh my heavens the food! YUM! I want to go! haha

  4. That fruit and granola looks absolutely amazing! Homemade granola is the best.

  5. That yogurt parfait looks amazing! I love how much you guys do during vacations! We're definitely like that too -- just laying around on the beach gets old after a day or so.

    1. We love getting out and trying new things. Especially with toddlers. There is not much time to sit around.

  6. All that food looks amazing, and homemade granola?! Yes please! I would have chosen the net too just to have the windows open. Beautiful <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. You ate so well on this trip, all of the food sounds amazing! Too cute how they sang happy birthday to their daddy when y'all got home. This trip has been fun to watch and I cannot wait to plan my Mexican vacation!

  8. I'd eat healthy every day if I could get yogurt bowls that look like that!!!
    Who could ever tire of those sunsets? Amazing.
    Glad the plane ride wasn't too horrible for the girls.
    Another successful trip in the books!

  9. Girl, the FOOD! All of your posts have me loving the food there. And the sunset isn't too shabby either! ;o)

  10. Wow oh wow! Those sunsets. I just can't imagine seeing them in person. And, that is crazy about the net around the bed. I'm sure it wasn't too bad, but I would have been a little nervous, ha. Glad you guys got so many yummy meals too!

  11. What a fun trip! Flight tips for the twins??

    1. Oh yes. Bring lots of snacks. Travel during naptime if you can. Get a toy that is brand new and small that you can give them on the plane. Use Kindle Fire kids if you can. Bring their blankets or anything that they love and need all the time (pacis, blankets, lovies, etc). Take up a whole row (one parent and two toddlers and have the other parent sit across. That way you can change spots and not ruin two peoples travel day.). Have them drink or suck on something (paci, lollipop) during take off and landing so it doesn't hurt their ears.

  12. What a great time you and your husband got to have together. I kind of always wanted to sleep in one of those bug net things. This is making me so excited for our vacation! Beautifully Candid