Monday, May 11, 2015

My First Mother's Day (Weekend)

Monday's sure do come way too fast now-a-days. Not to mention, I am beyond exhausted. My baby girls have been sleeping all night (9pm to 5:20am-ish), but I am just TIRED. I did fall asleep on the way to work this morning. Don't worry, my husband was driving.

Before I get into my weekend, I forget to show you all what I did last Tuesday night. I went to Picasso and Wine with some of my girlfriends. The painting was of a colorful giraffe which is going into the girls room. I can't wait to go again. Love painting and wine.

This weekend was a pretty good one. Friday we did get to golf. The weather held until the last 3 holes. Then it got gusty and chilly. But we finished. Though I didn't finish that strong. But it did feel good to get back out there and do pretty well. Now I just need to keep going. Taking a year off, really does mess up the game.

After golf, we stayed for a celebratory beer and then picked up our little ladies from my parents house. My aunt came by my parents house to drop something off, and ended up staying to hang with the girls. They sure do love their great aunt.

Saturday, we grabbed brunch and then I headed out to get a facial/massage combo. Amazing. Felt like a million bucks after. After my treatment, we ran a few errands in between feeding the girls. It was a nice little Saturday.

Sunday was Mother's Day which started off with this munchkin looking up at me (after her 8 am feeding).

 Then it was off to brunch with my in-laws. So good.
 My face looks seriously bloated here. Not sure why. Maybe it's because I had no make-up on?

After brunch, we headed home to feed the girls and get ready to go to Virginia City. We had one thing on our minds...getting me some cowboy boots. But first, my husband gave me a handmade card from the girls and a succulent plant (which now resides at work).

We walked around Virginia City and bought some amazing cowboy boots. My first pair too. I need to take a picture. They are very pretty. Then we had a little snack and hung out in the sun while feeding the girls. Next up, was a shopping trip to Trader Joes. Half way through, little Miss Sutton decided to have a massive poopy diaper that came out everywhere. What were we to do? Up and leave? Finish our shopping? We chose the latter. But when we got home (we quickly finished shopping), it was a big ordeal to clean up. Laundry, baths, new clothes and tons of clean-up. Happy Mother's Day, hahaha.

Then we ordered in some pizza since Sutton's carseat was out of commission for the evening (major cleaning happened to it) and relaxed. It was a pretty awesome first Mother's Day if I do say so myself.

How was your Mother's Day?

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