Friday, May 8, 2015

Finally Friday

Per usual, its Friday link up time.

Friday, what do you have up your sleeve today?

One. Golf. Yes I am supposed to play golf today for a work tournament and I am nervous. I haven't played since July or August-ish when I pregnant, so this could be a disaster. Plus it is May and May brings unpredictable weather here. Hence the blustery winds with a forecasted 65 degrees. Please oh please let it warm up. I am a baby with no little fat left and don't want to be miserable all day.

Two. Did you know daycares have picture day? I didn't. But I am so excited to get even more photos of the girls. I can't ever have enough. Plus I need to cover my desk in photos of the girls. Yes I am THAT mom.

Three. I finally caved and bought the Milly Triangl bikini I have been obsessing over. I am not sure I will look as good as the model does in it (post-pregnant body), but I am sure as heck going to try. Plus it is payday, so I HAD TO.

Four. My first Mother's Day is almost here, and I wrote my girls a special letter thanking them for choosing me to be their mother. That post is to come Sunday.

Five. We have family photos coming up in a few weeks. We are contemplating whether to take them inside or outside. Our girls are 4 months. What do you all recommend? And should we all be sort of matchy? These are our first family photos. Heck the first time we have all four been in a photo other than one taken at the basketball game on an iphone. This is a big deal people and I don't want to mess it up. So any and all advice is welcome.

And so we survived another week. Another week back to work. Another week at daycare. Another week older (19 weeks old this coming Monday) for my baby girls.

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