Monday, May 18, 2015

Graduation Weekend Recap

This weekend was super busy. From the time I got off work on Friday until my head hit the pillow Sunday night.

Friday I finally got a pedicure. My feet were in desperate need of some TLC. I had partial gel on some of them, super long nails and rough feet from wearing sandals. After they got a little love, I finally got to eat for the first time that day. So bad of me to wait all day, but I forgot to pack some breakfast. It was super rainy that day, so when the evening hit, we watched some NBA playoffs and relaxed by the fire. But first we fitted ourselves with our baby carrier. Finally. And the verdict...the girls loved them. Sutton took a bit longer to love it, but eventually she did while walking around.

Saturday was again busy with running errands to get some graduation cards, breakfast and ready for a grad party. Then we went to said grad party with the girls looking darling as ever. They got SO much attention and loved every second of it. Plus it gave mommy and daddy a second to relax sans baby with a glass of wine. Saturday evening we had family dinner at my in-laws. Steak. So good.

Sunday morning we took family generational photos for our university. And let me tell you, getting the girls and ourselves ready by 9 am is hard. We get ourselves ready to leave at 6:10 am every weekday, but try to get us somewhere by 9 am and we fail. We are usually 15 minutes late. Can't seem to figure it out.

After pictures, we went to breakfast with the family and then I headed to Carson to spend time with my mom, sister, aunt and our family friends. We went and saw Pitch Perfect 2. This was a late Mother's Day treat for my mom. Oh and I got her a gift certificate to Picasso and Wine for a fun girls day. I can't wait to go. My mom has never been and I love it so much, so why not share it with her? As for Pitch Perfect 2...I really liked it. I didn't even think I would like the first one, but after my mom got me to watch it with her during my maternity leave, I loved it, so I had to go this time around. Have you seen it? So good.

Then I headed back to Reno for another family dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. Definitely the way to this girls heart is through spaghetti. And the girls got more family time. They met so many new family members this weekend and had a pretty awesome weekend. The girls are definitely loved by ALL.

But since we were out and about ALL WEEKEND, we had things to finish that night. Ugh, laundry and not even my babies laundry (that comes tonight). Several laundry loads, prepping bottles and things for daycare, giving Walter a bath instead of the girls (because he got into the compost pile....GROSS), making our bed, etc. We didn't even get to bed until 11 pm which is so late for this momma now a days. The girls....asleep by 8:45 pm.

And that was our busy weekend. How was your weekend? Did you go to any graduation festivities?

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