Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another Post Pregnancy Battle

Today I am here to talk about hernias. More specifically, umbilical hernias.

On Tuesday, I went to my family physician for a yearly check-up. No big deal. But I wanted to have him take a look at my belly button. You see, when I was pregnant with the girls, my belly button popped out. I would always joke that it meant the girls were almost done baking. I guess I jinxed myself because they were born soon after that happened.

Everyone kept saying how cute it was. I didn't think so. It is weird to have your belly button be such a cute innie to become a weird looking outtie. But  my doctor's assured me that soon after delivering my girls that my belly button would go back in. Guess what, it hasn't.

It is still almost all the way out. A tiny portion has gone back in. And now you can see where I had my belly button piercing for years too. So I have lost all the weight and then some. And I am working on toning my belly and everything else up at the gym a few times a week and still nothing has changed.

So yesterday we did the trick to see if I have diastasis recti which means separation of the ab wall. I do have a slight separation, but not more than a a finger or so width apart which means that is ok. But my belly button bulged out completely and there was a ridge on top of my belly button that extended upwards. This pretty much means I have an umbilical hernia.

It also means, I can just leave it alone or have a minor surgery to treat it. But first, I am going to see my trusty doctor who did my breast abscess surgery for another opinion. My doctor was just worried that my abs or bowels could get caught in the hernia as I have been having stomach aches lately, but couldn't pinpoint why. I couldn't tell if I was hungry, just had an upset tummy or what was going on.

So I get to go see the trusted Dr. Devia again. And can I just say that these girls wrecked havoc on my body, but they are the best and I don't regret any of this AT ALL.

Have any of you had this? Did your belly button eventually go back in on it's own after pregnancy? Did you ever get yours checked out?


  1. I've only had one child so far, and haven't had a problem with an umbilical hernia. But, I have a friend who has 3 beautiful children and ended up with and umbilical hernia, as well as pretty severe diastasis recti - she opted to have surgery to correct both because she knew she was done having children. She said it was a pretty quick recovery, it only took about a week before she seemed back to normal!

    I hope your second opinion goes well, and you can work something out!

    1. I am pretty sure I am done having children as well. Two sounds like a good round number. Thank you for letting me know your friends results. Makes me feel a bit better about my future. I definitely can't have too much down time with two babies on the move.

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