Friday, May 22, 2015

MadBum Friday

Another Friday, another week that has gone by.

Can you believe it is almost June? Time is flying by and my girls will be 5 months next Friday! Seriously crazy stuff.

Onto my Friday five.

ONE. And can you believe the unbelievable Giants game yesterday? MadBum hit a homer off of Kershaw! Epic. Loved it. Only wish I could have saw it live instead of way later. I sure do love me some Madison Bumgarner.
 Proudly sits on my desk. There are a few Dodger fans here at work with their awful (Puig) bobbleheads.

TWO. In other news, I got a mini fridge at work. I know super exciting right? Well it is for me because now I can pump and store my parts at work without having to wash them every.single.time. And I can store my breast milk in there too and not worry about putting it in a cooler in the fridge so no one freaks out. Pretty excited.

Isn't it funny how we used to get excited about going out, what we were going to wear that night, our next adventure, etc. and now I get excited over appliances.

THREE. Crisis adverted on getting myself a dress for my dear friend Nathalie's bridal shower. The theme is Marie Antoinette, pretty in LIGHT pink and I didn't have much around the house. Sure I have a wide variety of pink things, but not light pink. And I am not even sure my BRIGHT pink dress would fit these huge knockers. I have a very similar dress to the one I picked out, but the other is shorter, strapless and tighter. All bad combos after having a baby. This one makes me look "normal" again after having twins. I got it from Nordstrom and will show you all after the shower. (meaning I am too lazy to photograph it now)

FOUR. My babies get to meet their second cousins this weekend and I am pretty excited. Little Harper is just over 3 months old (she was due the day before the girls) and I can't wait to see how my girls interact with her. The girls are really starting to notice each other. Just last night they were staring at each other, smiling away and then kept holding hands and watching each other while sucking on their pacis. Major heart melt right there. Man they grow up way too fast. Love this stage right now!

FIVE. I really want to shop for things to wear next week for our family pictures and our trip to Graeagle next month. Here are a few things I would love to add to my closet.
Spring/Summer Wants

Happy Memorial Day weekend all!

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