Friday, December 20, 2019

Christmas Questions

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About two weeks ago, Rebecca posted some fun Christmas questions. With Christmas being a week away, I thought I would join in on the fun and post my answers. Feel free to join in and answer them too!

1. Candy canes. Yes or no? Yes. I like a candy cane here and there. I really like the rainbow ones.

2. Christmas morning early riser or sleep in? Well I used to be an early riser, but now I prefer to sleep in. As a kid, we couldn't wait to get up and open up all of our gifts. Now I like to take the morning in and enjoy it. I like to sleep in, start a fire and enjoy myself. My girls on the other hand, like to get up as early as they can. Thankfully, we have an Ok to Wake Clock that tells them when they can get up.

3. Do you shop on Black Friday? Yes or no? I do not unless it is shopping online on Black Friday. I have done it in the past, but it is not an every year type of thing. Last year and the year before, we were in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving and Rory and I did go Black Friday shopping there. We had some killer deals and it was worth it, but we did not get up early at all. We went around the girls nap time.

4. Christmas trees up in November? Yes or no? Yes. We go cut down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and then we put it up that Saturday or Sunday.
Our tree this year. We went a little smaller with our renovations going on and the possibility of having to move it before Christmas is over.

5. Do you get holiday ideas from Pinterest? Yes or no? I get some gift guides from there and recipes, so yes I do.

6. Christmas glam or ugly sweater? Ugly sweater all the way. I love getting ugly Christmas sweaters. Last year I bought the best ugly sweater from Christmas Vacation. 

Here is a picture of me wearing it, but it is hard to see the sweater.

Here is the sweater online. Sooo worth it.
Christmas Vacation Ugly Sweater

7. Stocking stuffers: wrapped or unwrapped? Growing up, they were always unwrapped. Then I started dating Rory and he wrapped his. Now I do a mix of wrapped and unwrapped.

8. Tradtional or modern Christmas songs? I like them both. I love the classics more, but I do like some of the more modern songs. I just love Christmas music.

9. Fruitcake? Yes or no? That is a huge NO for me.

10. Is your Christmas shopping finished? Yes or no? Ha. I wish. I have everyone done except some items for the girls and some stocking stuffers for the girls. I do like to get my shopping done early just in case I am missing something or don't have an even amount for the girls.

11. Is there snow in December where you live? This changes every year. Some years we have snow in October and some years, we don't get much or any until January. This year, we have a lot of it. Snow starting falling in November and it has been a pretty wet month since then.

12. Classic show: A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph? I think they are both very cute and watch them both each year.


  1. Oh how fun! I love these. Our stocking stuffers were always wrapped in tissue paper growing up, but we opened them FIRST. My husband opened his stockings LAST so that's still taken years of me getting used to! :) I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas!!

    1. We opened ours last too. So crazy how we have different traditions per family. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas as well!

  2. Same here, my stocking stuffers unwrapped, Mr. Nines wrapped, lol. And I too like to sleep in on Christmas morn. This was so much fun. Have a festive and joyous weekend! xo

  3. stocking stuffers unwrapped! love your sweater from last year. my office mates and I did our decor in griswold this year.

    1. So cool to see how everyone differs. I love that you decorated like Griswold!!!

  4. Haha on the huge no for fruit cake! I mostly online shop as well, and we love our sleep in our house. I think we brought Serena down the stairs around 9:00 am last year on Christmas morning <3

    Green Fashionista

    1. Do you like fruit cake? I love that you waited until 9 am. I wish we could do that!!!

  5. "That is a huge NO for me." Haha! LOL'd at that one... me too, Danielle! Hope you are able to get your Christmas shopping all done for the girls this weekend. This was fun to read.

  6. I think almost all of your answers line up with mine other than my shopping and wrapping is all done & it was my mom who wrapped all the stocking stuffers and my MIL who didn't.

  7. I tried this several years ago and had a terrible time with getting all of it to be straight. I eventually made some shorter, some longer and used that layout.