Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

Thank goodness that it is Friday. This has been a long week as I have been battling a cold and on top of it, I have been single mommying it up all week. Rory comes home early this evening and I wish I was going out, but I will probably enjoy a glass of wine and get some more sleep.

Onto Friday favorites...

ONE. I have been trying to be good and not buy myself anything until after Christmas, but then J Crew Factory sends me an email saying 50% off everything plus free shipping. I have been eyeing this sweater blazer for awhile and I just couldn't pass it up. Plus I missed out on the one I wanted from Nordstrom a few months ago.
J Crew Sweater Blazer

TWO. Can you all believe that Thanksgiving is next week? We will be spending Thanksgiving with Rory's family this year. You won't want to miss the recap of this event. It involves costumes.

Side note: I am totally bummed that I am missing out on Christmas tree cutting with my family and our family friends this year, but I am hoping my parents want to come out again with us on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It is a tradition that I hate to miss. Plus I always decorate my house and tree that weekend, so I HAVE to go out and get a tree, ASAP.

Have you all been Christmas shopping yet? I haven't, but I am about to start. I will do a lot of it on Cyber Monday. Plus I have been linking up with some amazing ladies and have put more on my personal wish list, plus added some to the girls Christmas list.
Christmas Guide for Her

THREE. I need your help. I need to grow my hair out before my sisters wedding in June as we are doing updos on the bridal party. Right now my hair is too short and I plan on only doing micro trims between now and then. But I want to grow it out quickly. So this is where you guys come in. I need recommendations on how to do this. I already plan to use more dry shampoo and not wash my hair as often (this will be hard for me), but I need other tips and tricks. Shampoos you can recommend? Vitamins? etc.

FOUR. Remember how I asked if anyone wanted to exchange ornaments this Christmas season? Well, five bloggers and I will be co-hosting a Christmas Ornament Exchange.
Christmas Ornament Exchange

* Sign-ups are open now.
* You can fill out the form HERE.
* You have until November 26th to fill out the form. Partners will be chosen and notified on the 27th.
* We put a limit of $15 BEFORE shipping. If you don't spend $15 on your ornament, please feel free to put in some extra goodies.
* Ship your ornaments by December 4th.
* Come back here to link up on December 12th.

I am linking up with April, A Little Bit of Everything, Meet @ the Barre and Cup of Tea.


  1. So excited ab the ornament swap, i had just been thinking about this and then she emailed us! Have you tried monat hair products? I hear they are awesome and can make your hair grow a lot! You have to go through a distributor though, let me know if you need the name. of one. I know several! Happy Friday!

  2. Can't wait for the Thanksgiving recap! Is Rory's family out of town? I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week either and a week from today we are chopping our tree down! It came so quick!!

  3. I took Hair, skin, and Nails capsules from It Works. They definitely worked for me! The results were awesome - my hair grew 3 inches in a month!

  4. 50% off plus free shipping is way too hard to pass up! I love blazers like that because they've comfortable, but still structured! Loving those Ugg slippers from your gift guide list.

  5. Yay for your hubby coming home tonight, I'm sure the girls are excited! Those J. Crew sales have been amazing, and making it hard to be good about Christmas shopping! Hope you feel better soon, Happy Friday girlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. OOh I will be joining ornament exchange! Glad you get releieved tonight! I am two days in and man it is lonely,a although that is probably because Ruby doesn't talk! Hair: definitely don't wash it that often. Take biotin. Do a coconut oil hair mask: wash hair, take a little over a tablespoon of coconut oils and run in your hands to melt. Leave it in your hair an hour up to overnight then rinse. I do overnight and it is amazing. Good luck! I cannot wait to hear more about thanksgiving involving costumes!

  7. YAY for hubs coming home! I keep seeing all the sale emails in my inbox, but we're trying hard not to buy much this year because we're going overseas for the holidays. I can't wait to see what everyone snags though!

  8. Boo on colds!! I hope you start feeling better soon and get lots of rest this evening. I haven't done any Christmas shopping. I need to make my list so I'm ready for cyber Monday. Btw, I love that sweater Blazer!

  9. I'm so sorry you've been sick. wish I could bring you some chicken soup!! Pureology shamooo and one called Hair Caviar by Alterna is my favorite. Make sure you keep any split ends trimmed, that stops growth big time. Try not to blow dry too, I know that is hard but it helps. GREAT blazer and you, my dear, go have an awesome relaxing weekend if you can!

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  11. I take Biotin daily for my hair and nails. Does it help? Not sure, but it doesn't hurt...LOL The It's a 10 spray is awesome too for keeping damage at bay and even repairing. It's so hard to revisit sales. "Hello, my name is Lisa and I can't help myself" hahaha. Hope you get to feeling better. XOXO

  12. I would take prenatal vitamins, it helps my hair grow and stay a little thicker. It also does a number on my nails too! Maybe do that along with some of the other things that these lovely bloggers recommended! The extra vitamins cant hurt during this nasty cold/flu season either, you know? I still take mine. I love thank pink Tory purse! It is gorgeous! And sometimes you just have to treat yourself, regardless on how many gifts you still need to grab for others. Tis the season! I hope you have a great weekend and feel better!

  13. I can't resist the sales either hahaha! Gets me every single time!

  14. Prenatal vitamins always make my hair grow super fast!!