Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Daylight Savings Weekending

So I don't have a ton of photos from this weekend because I did two things that I will blog about later on....microblading touch-up appointment and wedding dress shopping.

My day started off with a donut from DoughBoys to say goodbye to a co-worker. I did not pass up a donut even after all the Halloween candy I ate this week.
Doughboy donuts

Friday after work, I went to torture myself aka my microblading touch-up. I was there for quite awhile. After that, I headed to a sushi burrito place that is new in town. It did not disappoint. And no I didn't take any photos because I was starving and ate it sooo fast. No shame.

After a late lunch, I headed home to watch a bit of tv while Rory did some yard cleaning. I also ate some of the girls Halloween candy. Then we picked up the girls from school and headed home. We spent the evening playing, making the girls dinner and doing some chores.
Haribo gummy bears

Saturday morning we got up early and Rory went to grab us coffee cakes, muffins and coffee. We ate at home and then Rory headed off at 7:30 to the Bay Area to visit his friends. I lounged around with the girls, we watched some Mickey Roadsters and got ready for the day. My parents showed up at 9:30 and we caught up for a bit before leaving the girls and my dad to play for the day. We met up with my sister, her future mother-in-law and the other bridesmaids to try on wedding dresses.

My sister said Yes to the Dress at Swoon Bridal which is where I got my wedding dress at 4 years ago. I couldn't be happier for her. And I am not sharing any photos. Even the no dresses because I want it all to be a surprise. But I will share a photo that was on IG of us for her saying yes to the dress. We all had a glass of champagne and my mom paid for the dress and we were off.
swoon bridal

We went to lunch at a local brewery. I had an amazing chicken jalapeno honey salad. I couldn't get enough of the dressing. Then we headed to the other appointment to try on more dresses. For fun and if she found one she liked better, we would figure it out from there. But the good news is, we did not find another dress. We found one she liked, but not loved like her dress she chose.

After shopping, we grabbed a coffee on the way home and then came to relieve my dad. The girls were sleeping, so we chatted until they both woke up. Sutton was first and then Avery. My parents said their goodbyes and it was just the girls and I.

We did some playing, watched an episode of Mickey and then headed out to Wild Garlic pizza for you guessed it, pizza. Everyday from 2:30 to 5:30 they have happy hour which means a large one topping pizza is $14 (including the tax). We got a large pepperoni pizza, watched football, tried to play with some dominos and ate.
toddlers love pizza
toddlers love pizza
toddlers love pizza
 These girls love ranch
toddlers love pizza
toddlers love pizza
 Avery's ranch face
toddlers love pizza

The eating of the ranch got a bit out of hand. Sutton ate one piece of pizza and proceeded to eat the little cup of ranch. She wanted more, but I drew the line. Avery ate 3 pieces of pizza, most of her ranch was on the actual pizza.

After pizza, we came home and I gave the girls baths. We got ready for bed and I read them a couple stories. Sutton developed a cough Friday night and it was worse Saturday night. I propped her mattress up, put Vicks on her chest and put lavender/congestion oils in the diffuser, but nothing was helping. She and I were up most of the night.

Sunday morning brought daylight savings time which sucked because my girls were still up at 4:45 am and after a night of not much sleep, it was awful. Ha. We watched some Love it or List it and got ready slowly. Once we were ready, we headed out for muffins. The girls ate soooo fast and loved people watching.

I asked the girls if they would be good if we went to Whole Foods. They said yes and wanted to ride in the double cart there. We got there and searched high and low for a double cart. Another woman was searching for them too since she had three kids with her. It seems they were all being used at 10 am on a Sunday. Ugh. So the girls each hopped on a side and it went downhill from there. They wouldn't listen, kept jumping off the cart, tried to pull the cart over, ran in different directions down each aisle, screamed at me, pulled things off the shelf, dropped things and threw fits in the store. I almost gave up and left, but I didn't want to leave a bunch of cold things out there to get ruined. I kept on moving on and it was awful. I got a lot of side looks and things said to me under people's breath, but I kept on going. The cashier felt so bad and told me it does get easier. She didn't have twins, but younger kids. Let's hope it does.

I couldn't get everything at Whole Foods, so I had to stop in the store by my house. There was a firetruck there and I thought the girls would be into that, but they threw more fits inside the store. They didn't even have a cart to fight over. We just walked. Sutton didn't want to go down an aisle so she laid on the ground and screamed about 20 feet from me. Ugh. They were good in the check out line, but that was about it.

When we got home, I was soooo over them. Ha. But I made them lunch and put them down for a nap. I was hoping for a peaceful 2 hours, but Sutton barely slept an hour with her cough. Avery slept for an hour and forty minutes. After they got up, they were still moody and fighting with each other a lot.

Rory got home at 2:30 and we took them to the park. I don't want to reward bad behavior, but we all needed out of the house. After some park time, we took a brief walk and then came home to start cooking dinner. I made stuffed shells and salad which we all devoured.

We spent the rest of the evening doing laundry, getting ready for the week ahead and going to bed early. Rory and I were out by 8:30 due to the time change and lack of sleep from the night before (for me).

How was your weekend?

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  1. what a fun weekend! Wedding dress shopping is fun on any occasion but with your sister, thats even better!

  2. Do you guys dip your pizza in ranch too?! I haven't met anyone else who does that besides Rick! Haha I realize that was totally random. How fun to go dress shopping and for your sister to find the dress!!

  3. I love ranch too! I also want doughnuts and I don't even like doughnuts. LOL. I'm sorry about the grocery shopping! I remember how I grew to hate shopping with my kids EVER! And they aren't both the same age!

  4. I never pass up a doughnut either! Ugh so many times we left that cart sit because of bad grocery behavior! You needed more doughnuts mama! ;-)

  5. Goodness, listening to your grocery trip is exhausting me and giving me anxiety! I hate when people mutter things, it's obvious they have no clue. I hope Sutton is feeling better! Zoe has been sick for three weeks and her doctor finally called in an antibiotic for her to get some relief on Friday. It seems to be helping. But of course, now I have it. Sheesh. So awesome that your sister found her dress!

  6. I love your honesty... I think every parents totally gets over their kids after some rough times. Do what you gotta do to keep that sanity - go to a dozen parks to work out that energy ;) haha
    Glad your sister found a dress so fast! I never tire of looking at wedding dresses.

  7. That sushi burrito thing sounds so interesting! Yay for your sister saying yes to the dress! Haha the girls are too cute with how much they love ranch. Oh man mama, I've been there with a similar grocery store situation and then some. It's so tough, and as much as we have expectations of our kids acting a certain way, mine always throw a monkey wrench in there. Sierra ~
    Beautifully Candid

  8. That is so great that your sister found a dress so fast! It's times like these when I read about other sisters wedding dress shopping together that I really hate that I never had a sister! You are so lucky to have her!

  9. So fun that you got to see your sister pick out her dress! DST ending sucked over here too. I dont know many parents who enjoyed it haha

  10. Lol about the bowl of ranch! And I feel you on the Whole Foods cart- we had to leave Publix once because they didn’t have any steering wheel carts available 😂

  11. Sorry the single momming was not a dream. But at least you got the day to dress shop, so fun! Avery eating three pieces of pizza makes me feel good about my pizza consumption, hee hee.

  12. They sure do love their ranch! I had a friend in high school whose family would dip their crust into sprite. Not sure if I'd personally enjoy that... :P

    Nicole @

    1. Woah that is crazy. I have never heard of that combo. I don't think I would like it either.