Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Weekend Part 2

If you didn't see Christmas Weekend Part 1, you can catch up here.

Get ready for a picture overload.

When we brought the girls out to see everything they were super excited to see this.
 The girls got a Radio Flyer Wagon and LOVED it.

I had been eyeing this since we saw the twins around the corner from our house being pulled in it. We put the girls in it right away and they couldn't stop smiling. They opened almost all their gifts while sitting in it.
The girls loved being pulled around the house in this. I just wish we could have tried it outside, but there was too much ice and snow.

As you can see, the girls opened all their gifts in the wagon as they didn't want to get out AT ALL. It was nice for us since it kept them in one place!

The girls were spoiled and it was so fun to watch them experience Christmas. They loved the paper, the boxes and the shiny bows. They didn't really play with the toys until later.
Avery walking with her new walker
 Sutton pushes her cart like a boss

After all the presents were unwrapped, we fed the girls and put them down for a nap. This is when mommy and daddy could enjoy more coffee, breakfast (my moms famous cinnamon rolls) and peace and quiet. The girls spent the day playing with all their new toys and crawling everywhere.

Family arrived around 3 pm to celebrate with the girls. More presents were unwrapped and toys were put together.
The girls with their grandpas

We had yummy appetizers, king crab, Cesar salad (using this homemade dressing, so good) and rolls. Then we had blackberry and peach cobbler for dessert. We were stuffed to say the least.
Before dinner was served
Non-beer version

Dinner was so good and only 3/4 lb was left out of 9.25 lbs. I would say we did a pretty good job. Dessert was amazing! The best way to cap off a great day.

Everyone left around 10 pm and we settled in with some Christmas movies and fell asleep very fast.

I hope you had a great Christmas!!

I will be back tomorrow featuring some of our favorite gifts.


  1. I am in love with that photo of them looking At each other! Could they be any cuter?! Nope! The wagon is going to be so much fun. So glad it was a memorable Christmas!

    1. I know, right? So cute and definitely not how they have been acting the last two days. Haha.

      It was a very memorable Christmas and something I will cherish for years!!!

  2. That picture of them looking at each other! So precious!!

  3. Haha wow, the second I saw that picture of them looking at each other I knew I had to comment about it! Looks like everyone else did too. ;) I also love their Christmas jammies, and that they loved their wagon! Avery's big smile with the walker is too cute too!

    1. Yes they did. Such a cute photo! I am so glad my husband captured it.

      I loved watching the girls experience Christmas. A memory I will never forget.

  4. How sweet are your little ladies! I loved looking at the magic of your morning!

    1. Thank you. Very sweet of you. It was a very magical day!!!

  5. You guys will get so much uusw out of that wagon come spring! Your meal looks so good!

    1. I really hope so. The girls looked so cute in it. Totally worth it.