Monday, October 19, 2015


Another weekend passed and another Monday here. Why does Saturday and Sunday go by SO fast, but Monday through Friday drags by so slow.

Anyways, we had a pretty good weekend and it was quite lazy. Just what we needed. It was gloomy all weekend and really felt like Fall is here.

Friday. After work I ran a few errands, sans babies, and then met up with R and the babies for some lunch. Around 5 pm I headed out to grab myself some soup from my favorite little soup shop since I was going to be with the girls all evening while R was playing in his playoff softball tournament. He had up to two games that night, so I settled down with my soup and Fargo (season 1) after the babies went to sleep. Hubby's team lost, so he grabbed himself dinner and came home.

Saturday. We went to brunch and by the time we got home, someone had a blowout in their pants. And it was bad. So bad that when I took her pants off to change her (didn't know it was as bad as it was since she had thick fleece pants on) it dragged down her legs and on her feet. So gross. Needless to say, I didn't think a wipe down was good enough. So we stripped the babies down and put them in the bath.
 Morning snuggles with daddy, Avery and Walter Roo
Sutton playing in her crib with mommy

Side note: we have started putting the babies in the big bath together with toys and they love it. They can move more, play with each other and don't meltdown while the other one is in the bath. Game changer on bath time.

After baths and feedings, the girls were tired and went down for a long nap. R watched the Pack play Wyoming on the internet (ESPN 3) and I binged watched more Fargo. So addicting.

One thing that would have made this even better...a nice fire and a glass of wine (ok two things).
Avery loves Saturday football

That evening we headed out to sushi (been craving it for months) with the ladies in tow. They did so well and soaked up all the attention everyone was giving them. They love being in highchairs.
Sutton was squealing at her sister the entire time
Sweet Avery loving highchair time

Sunday. We were all feeling under the weather. The girls didn't sleep well, R was still fighting his cold and had back muscle spasms going on and I was on little to no sleep with a pulled muscle in my chest. So we lazied around all day and it was just what my little family needed. I did head out for some bagels and coffee around 10:30 and managed to shower later in the day. We all napped, watched football and played. The girls' grandparents came over after the Niner game for a little visit. The girls got a bunch of new clothes and lots of grandparent cuddles. We order in pizza and watched the Colts/Pats game. Ugh. Such an awful game. 
 I had to include these cute shots of the girls yesterday morning. Side note: it is getting harder to get pictures of the girls sitting still because they are on the move and want whatever is in our hands at all times.

After putting the girls to bed, the grandparents left and I finished Season 1 of Fargo. So good. Loved it so much and can't believe I was able to binge watch an entire season this weekend....even with the girls. Though not in front of the girls. 

Roo left with the grandparents and is happy to keep his grandpa company today while he is on the mend from surgery. He may even stay over one more night because comfort is the best for healing.

How was your weekend?


  1. Emmy has the same onesie that Avery was wearing! Love!! I've been there numerous times on the poop blowouts. Ugh! So gross! Sounds like a good weekend overall!

    1. That's awesome. I think it is from Carter's. So many cute new clothes for them!

      It was a pretty amazing weekend. My husband and I were talking this morning on the way to work and realized it was our first relaxing weekend where we stayed in most of it. Doesn't happen often and it is well worth it.