Monday, October 5, 2015


Remember that fun trip I was to have at Target Friday afternoon? Well it didn't go exactly as planned. I looked around for a double seated cart, no luck, so I brought the girls in their stroller and grabbed a hand basket. I started making my way through the store. First stop, baby stuff. I couldn't find any toy sanitizing wipes or pacifier clips. But I got a huge box of diapers. And oh what fun it was to lug that thing around in my hands while pushing the stroller.

Next up, was looking for some fall candles, Halloween decorations and costumes. This is about the time Sutton started to have a fit. She didn't want to be in the stroller anymore. So I pulled her out and put the diapers in her place. All was ok (imagine carrying a baby and pushing a large stroller through Target) until I could smell poop. Little Miss pooped in her diaper and wasn't happy about it. I had to scrap my plans of anything Halloween and get to the check out fast (because I had to get these diapers). She calmed down enough for me to pay, strap her into her carseat and try to make my way to Starbucks where there was a line of 7 people. Dang, no delicious latte for me.

But I needed to make one more stop to get Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and Mac Naked Lunch Eye Shadow. I hoped and prayed the girls would be good for this. I bolted in the store, grabbed what I needed and checked out. Then I headed to the bathroom to change Sutton's diaper. All was better, but it was enough stress for the afternoon.

We headed home to meet up with R and go to Food Truck Friday. Sorry no pictures. I was too caught up in eating all the yummy food, hanging out with my babies on a blanket picnic style and mean grilling some dumb woman. We brought the girls in their stroller and we were walking around trying to figure out what to eat. The girls were very happy and everything was going well. We pass this husband and wife who had a baby in a carrier (front). She not so quietly told her husband that she was so glad that she didn't have twins. What a bitch. Yes I am glad she didn't have twins because it takes a special couple to raise them, love them and be grateful for them. It irked me all evening, but we still had a great time.

Saturday we went to breakfast and then got ready to go to the tailgate and Pack football game. We were set to play UNLV (our rival) for the cannon (which was blue and ours).
Sutton driving (pretending) mommy's car at the tailgate.
Tailgating with the babies

Bad news. Pack lost (second home game loss in a row to UNLV) and the cannon goes back to Vegas in red. Ugh. Worst news ever.
 Mommy and Sutton selfie toward the end of the game

The girls did pretty well most of the game. Avery was a champ and Sutton did really well until the last quarter. Then she was hungry and mad that the Pack was losing. We finished the game from the end zone area and bolted home. It started to rain hard and we needed to nurse our wounds, scotch style (for mommy and daddy only of course).

Sunday we had brunch with my in-laws and then they watched the girls so we could run some errands. So much easier to get errands done without the girls. But of course every errand had to do with the girls minus Home Depot where we got winter fertilizer (oh so fun). 

I was feeling under the weather all day yesterday due to lack of sleep (the girls didn't sleep well all weekend), a nauseous feeling all day, weaning and a new birth control. Or at least I hope. Please don't let me be getting sick. 

So we watched the Niners lose (big surprise), watched more football and had some Mexican food for dinner. And we were asleep by 9 pm. Glamorous life I tell you. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Except maybe more sleep.

How was your weekend?


  1. I second the what a bitch comment! How dare that lady make a comment like that. First, your girls are double the blessing and second it's not like it's something you would ever change. Geez people are just plain stupid sometimes. I'm pissed for you. Sorry your target trip and Starbucks was foiled by poop. Hopefully you got one on Sunday while out and about.

    1. Thank you. I can't believe people sometimes. At least wait until you have walked away from me before saying something like that. And she doesn't know our story.

  2. They may have lost but atleast u still had a good time :) Just found your blog. love it!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    1. My thoughts exactly. It was the experience that made the game the best!

      And thank you for finding my blog (and loving it).

      Can't wait to check out your blog.

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