Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Whole Bunch of Randomness

I am in a bit of a dazed state right now. My husband left to Vegas on a business trip (only a day), but it was at the butt crack of dawn. He flew out at 5:30 this morning. I did the same flight two weeks ago. Guess it's a mini payback.

But I am at a loss of putting together a coherent and organized post today. So I thought I would just go with a bunch of random thoughts/ideas/things.

One. I received my Stitch Fix box Monday night and I haven't even opened it. And I have to make my decisions by tomorrow. Guess I will be trying on clothes late tonight after the ladies go to sleep. And my husband has his softball game tonight, so I won't have anyone to help me make decisions (not that he really likes to help).

Two. Speaking of that, I survived getting myself, the girls and my pup ready for the day. I woke up a bit early, got myself completely ready, prepped the girls bottles, fed them, fed my pup, cleaned up the house a bit, changed the girls diapers and clothes and made it out the door with a little extra time. And we didn't have any blowouts this morning. Big win for me. And I even had time to sneak through the Starbucks drive thru before going to work.

Now everyone let's cross our fingers my girls are sweet angels for me tonight. As I said above, my husband is going straight from the airport to his game, so I won't see him until late tonight and I am on mommy duty all evening (hoping for lots of snuggles).

Three. Fall left the building here and we are back into the 80s here. As in a high of 86 on Saturday at the Pack game. Blah. So glad we got a babysitter for the girls, so they don't have to sit in the hot sun all game. I want my rain back (it was so rainy and Fall like last weekend) so I can bust out my hunter boots again please.

Four. My hair is finally experiencing the dreaded post pregnancy hair loss. Since I cut back on pumping and stopped altogether, my bathroom floor is disgusting. I am sweeping that thing several times a week now (sometimes just using my hand, gross, but don't judge). I got my hair done on Tuesday night and my stylist mentioned it. She said I have lots of baby hairs on the front, top, left side. Ugh, I know and I can't even cover them. Does anyone have any advice or products to use while my hair grows out? Anything from brushes to shampoos to hair styles, lay it on me please.

Five. I am also in a recipe rut at home. We have been cooking a ton at home (meaning I have been cooking) and I need some fresh new recipes to try. We love crockpot ideas, fall warm cozy meals, easy weeknight meals and seasonal stuff. Send me some of your favorite recipes please.

Six. The girls have a new teacher at daycare and so far we love her. We love how organized she is, how engaging she is, how sweet she is, how attentive she is and the list goes on. She has already been doing arts and crafts with the girls, working on them crawling, standing and trying to walk, working on talking, playing and being social with the other kids.

We were so worried about a new teacher because we loved their old one, Heather. She knew the girls. She was the only one who could swaddle them and get them to nap. She could tell them apart, she working with them on their milestones and gave us an informative update on the girls everyday. But I am happy to say that Brittany is amazing. So far, we love her and so do the girls.

And that's about all I have right now. So please send me your recipes and hair tips. Happy Thursday All!


  1. You've got this momma!! It sounds like although the day started off early you handled it like a rockstar. Glad the girls are liking their new teacher. That's always a blessing. I understand about all the baby hairs. I'm over the hair loss but I swear I have ting hairs standing up all over my head. Ugh. If you find any solutions please share. I need a haircut too which doesn't help. Recipe wise I always get in a rut but I have a few Pinterest boards with some really yummy recipes if you want to check them out. :) have a great night and can't wait to see your stitch fix picks if you share it on the blog!

    1. I will check out your recipe board. And you should treat yourself to a new hair do. It helps! My hair stylist said that my hair will grow back out, but in the meantime, I will have a bunch of baby hairs. Sucks, but at least my hair is pretty healthy (she says).

  2. Props to you for getting all of that done by yourself! Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier on you. Also, can't wait to see your stitch fix picks! I've never tried it but looks like a cool idea! Get some rest tonight if you can:)

    1. Stitch fix post coming this week! I got some rest this weekend, but definitely not enough.