Friday, October 9, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday

We survived another week lovelies.

Today I am linking up with Karli at September Farm.

One. We have another home football game this weekend. And after last weeks burtal loss (we handed over the cannon to be painted the ugly UNLV red), we need a big W. What makes this game even better is we are actually tailgating BECAUSE we have a babysitter! We usually show up to the tailgate for about an hour to say hi to friends at different tailgates and then make our way inside to feed the girls. But this time, my "like a kid sister" is watching the girls for us. Thank you so much Kristalei.

Two. Fall decided to hide out for another weekend so it is going to be HOT this weekend. Highs call for 85 this weekend which means we can sneak in one last beach day Sunday. I can't wait to have my butt in the sand, toes in Lake Tahoe and build a sand castle with my little ladies.

Three. Baby head wraps. I could buy them all for the girls. I have been searching for the perfect ones for our upcoming family photos. I think I found two very cute ones. I found them at the cutest etsy shop, Urbanstylekids and I can't wait to see my girls in them. Here is one of the head wraps I bought, in a bigger size because my girls have larger heads (above 90%).

Four. I am in search of some fall candles. I struck out last week at Target (the shelves were almost empty), so I need your help in finding the best smells. I have some free time after work (woohoo) and I want to pick up a couple. Recommendations please?

Five. Halloween costumes. I can't find anything I want the girls to be for Halloween. Sure they probably won't go trick or treating, but we may go to a party and I am sure they will have a dress up day at daycare. Should I get them a costume on amazon, go to a local second hand store or just put them in a Halloween onesie? I know I would regret it later on if we didn't have the "baby's first Halloween" pictures, so I want to do something. Suggestions? Ideas for costumes? Where to get these that don't cost an arm or a leg and something the girls can wear most of the day to daycare?  

I hope you all have a good weekend.

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  1. The headbands are oh so cute! Love it! Try Pinteresting twin Halloween costumes. Maybe that will show some good diy and purchase ideas. Amazon has good prices too! Can't wait to see the girls dressed up :)