Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Craziness

Do you ever feel like your barely keeping your head above the water? And that at any moment you will sink? That is definitely how I am feeling today. Let's just say I don't feel like a superhero mommy today. I feel like the opposite.

My husband is in London, England for a week. I have help from my family, so I feel like I shouldn't complain. BUT...this is my blog and I can complain here if I want. (I do want to say how grateful I am that my family is helping me out. They are amazing and I literally would be dead without them here. So thank you so much family!)

The last three days (since my husband left) have went well. The girls have been a bit fussy, but nothing I can't handle (I think they are teething). But add in all the extras that my awesome husband usually does, and it is a lot of EXTRAS. I have to take out the trash and recycling for trash day, clean up the doggie poo in the backyard, water the garden and plants every other day, walk my sweet pup, play with my sweet pup, and other stuff too plus all my usuals...pump, prep bottles, clean bottles, make dinners, clean up after dinner, pack stuff for daycare, pack my lunch, pack up all the girls stuff, pack my gym bag, change diapers, change their clothes, feed them, burp them, play with them, do the bedtime routine, console them in the night when they wake up, get them ready to go in the morning and so on. It is a lot of work, and while I do love doing it, it is hard. (again I feel so bad for complaining)

But I have handled it pretty well up until this morning. The girls slept really well last night which is great since we started using the Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit (a review to come soon). But this momma was already tired from Sunday nights sleep (the girls didn't sleep as well as I had hoped).

I showered and pumped like normal, but this time I had to pump for an extra 10 minutes to get enough for their morning bottles and to top off a bottle for daycare today since I didn't have enough milk for them. I am barely keeping up with their demands. Most likely due to stress and maybe my supply is starting to go down. Really feeling down about this because I don't want to supplement formula yet. I kind of feel like a failure when I can't give them enough milk. I know I am doing well with pumping for twins, but I want to do it for awhile longer and I am already have some issues with my milk supply.

So that put me behind. Then I prepped the bottles and changed them. My mother in law and I fed the girls, but Sutton pooped during her feeding. Ok I got this. Went to change her, but she was still pooping. So I had to wait and wait. Finally got her changed, bottles cleaned. Now time to get myself ready (I had to be presentable since we have Board meetings today). Finally got that done, feed the pup, closed up the windows and opened all blinds, packed their stuff in the car. Then I go to put them in the car and Sutton drooled and/or spit up all over herself and pooped again. After getting everyone ready, we were out the door about 15 minutes late. Then Sutton wasn't too happy and cried the entire 45 minute drive to daycare. And cried while I was unloading everything. I felt so bad leaving her, but this momma's sanity was quickly diminishing.

I know it doesn't sound THAT bad, but it is hard doing it ALL. So much praise to all those single mommas out there and SATH moms who do it ALL. You are truly superheros and I have no clue how you do it. But you are awesome. Know that.

Here is to hoping Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings go more smoothly. And here is to having a big glass of wine when the girls go to bed tonight!

Anyone have any advice or recommendations for my milk supply? I drink the Mother's milk tea, I drink lots of water throughout the day, I try to pump extra at some feedings/pumping times, I eat oatmeal in cookies (sometimes the lactation cookies) and bars, I massage the breasts, etc.  


  1. You are absolutely NOT a failure if you aren't producing enough. You have done an amazing job and anything you have given them is wonderful. Don't be so hard on yourself! You are doing amazingly!

    1. Thank you very much. I just had this goal in mind for giving the girls milk and I am struggling to make it there. Here is to hoping I can make it. Even with supplementing, which I am ok with.

  2. Suuuuuuper mom!!! You are awesome!!