Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites

Another Friday is here...Finally! It may have felt like the longest week of my life, but it was needed. I definitely feel like I can conquer the world after my husband being gone for a week. And dare I say that my babies were the sweetest, cuddly, giggly baby girls in the world last night?!

And now onto my Friday Five.

One. Orange is the New Black. I am dying to get home from work. Literally counting down the minutes so I can watch the new season. I think I am even more excited about this than my husband coming home today. Shh don't tell him. But really, I am contemplating watching parts of an episode while I pump at work.

Two. My husband is currently on a flight home, with a stop in SF. But he will be here in a few (9 hours) short hours. I.CAN'T.WAIT.
 Hottest baby daddy I ever did see.
Three. This has been me all week and probably into the next week. With my husband being gone, sleep training the girls with their new sleep suits and taking care of each and everything at home. I need all the coffee and wine in my life.

Four. Graeagle. I am so looking forward to my trip next week. Which also means that I won't be blogging much (I have a few scheduled posts, don't worry). We have limited wifi (which will be so nice for a break), there is golf to be played, babies to cuddle and family to hang out with.

Five. I am finally dropping off the girls newborn clothes to the NICU today. I am kind of sad as my girls don't fit in them anymore and are growing up soooo fast (please slow down), but so happy to return the favor. Plus I am hoping to see some of my favorite nurses. I have to go to the hospital for labs and pre-registration for my surgery and since I am not bringing the girls with me (grandpa is watching them), it is my chance to take the clothes over. Even though I have been in the hospital many times since they have grown out of the clothes. I just had the girls with me or you know, had emergency surgery on my breast.

Happy Weekend All!

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