Thursday, June 4, 2015

Random Thursday Post

I went to see the amazing Dr. Devia this morning for my consultation on my belly button. Well he confirmed it...I do in fact have an umbilical hernia from being pregnant and the only way to fix it is surgery. So yes, I am going to have surgery on Monday June 22nd.

He promised me that it is super easy and not that invasive. Basically he cuts a small opening right under my belly button, stitches the hole up, pulls the belly button back and closes me up. There is a 2% chance he will have to use a bit of meshing, but he doesn't think he will need to. He says since I am so skinny (I will take that compliment), he doesn't think I will need it.

Now the recovery should be pretty simple too. No lifting anything more than 25 pounds for 4 weeks, but I can work out after one week (lightly). He said the elliptical was fine, but no weights. Just take it easy in there. So I am pretty excited to get this out of the way and be another step closer to having my pre-pregnancy body back.

Has any of my readers had this procedure done?

And onto other news, my little Sutton bear rolled over again. She rolled over a few weeks back, but hadn't done it since then. Her sister rolled over Sunday for the first time and now is a rolling machine. But little Miss Sutton rolled again yesterday. We visited the girls at daycare on a break and put her on her belly for some tummy time. She was sitting up on her arms just hanging out and then rolled. So gracefully I might add. So we got two babies on the move and they are so close to rolling from back to tummy too.

And another bit of husband leaves for London on Saturday. I am so sad about this. Well I am happy for him and the yummy macarons he is bringing back from my favorite shop, Laduree.

But this is the first big trip he is taking since we had the girls. And it is out of country where we can't really talk to him. Sucks, but I am fortunate enough to have my mom, sister and mother-in-law helping me out all week. So happy to have the help plus a fun GIRLS week.

And that is all I have today.

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