Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Garbage Can that Ruined My Day

Basically yesterday I was too lame to write a post.  Several things happened and my mind wasn't in it.  First it was a giant monsoon here for about thirty minutes which caused my office to have some flooding, leaky ceilings and a lack of motivation to work.  With this storm, it hailed like a mother.  Then there was some co-worker drama (our travel doesn't revolve around your personal schedule. GROW UP!).  Followed by some good news.

The best news...our babies are very low risk of having any chromosomal defects like down syndrome (less than 1 in 10,000).  Awww music to my ears.  We had our appointment on Thursday and saw some very active babies who checked out physically very well.  It was so amazing to see them bouncing around, waving and actually looking like babies.  Biggest relief ever.  Onto the second trimester I go.

Then some bad husband is out of town for work which leaves me to do his normal chores, like taking the trash out and putting it on the sidewalk.  Before my husband left, he took down a super old and heavy satellite.  He put the satellite in the trash can (which sits in the dirt) on top of all of the garbage.  The lid did not close and what do you know, we had a monsoon come through this area which filled our trash can up too.  Pregnant woman moving said trash can 20 feet is harder than it looks.  First I had to drag this beast just to get onto the concrete and then somehow pull it onto the concrete (about 2 to 3 inches higher).  All the huffing and puffing got it up.  But then I couldn't wheel it because it weighed way more than I did with all the water in it.  Gravity happened and the satellite came out of the garbage can and proceeded to hit my car.  My car that is less than 6 months old.  Big time scratch by my door handle.  Me yelling, FUCK.  Me scaring my dog that he ran outside to the backyard.  Me in tears trying to lift the stupid heavy old satellite back into the garbage can and pull the bitch to the curb.  That shit isn't moving.  If the garbage men don't take it, it will stay there until my husband gets home.  I hate that trash can and satellite.

I was pretty upset that a pregnant gal had to lift more than her allowed weight, that my precious car has a big scratch and there were no cupcakes to make me feel better.  Aww the life when my husband is gone.  Luckily, I had mindless, dramatic reality tv to get me through the evening.

Awww I feel so much better, until my co-worker has his freak out again today.

My weekend was fast, but a good one.  We ate a bunch of amazing food.  This pregnant girl was happy.  I transformed a really old dresser into a new-ish dresser for the babies room.  I sanded and sanded and sanded as much as I could before giving up and saying it adds character.  Then I painted the pretty dresser white (hints of greys in it) and did my second coat the following day.  Success and the babies will just love it.  I keep telling myself that.  I was spoiled by my parents and sister Sunday since my husband left that day.  My mom made me dinner (she can only cook this dish properly) and my sister made me dessert.  Oh yes, heaven.  I took home a large portion for this week, thank you very much.  Walter loved it all too since he was cuddled and petted the entire day by my family and we got to watch Shark Week together.  Best week of TV EVER.

How was your weekend?  Is your week starting off as happily as mine?

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