Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Wedding Anniversary Weekend Recap

I am back from my anniversary trip.  Boo. Please take me back to San Francisco.  The weather was pretty nice (other than the massive amounts of fog in the am), the company was amazing, the Giants, the food, the shopping and the city walking.  I just love San Francisco.

Friday my husband came home from his work trip and I couldn't have been happier.  I was dying to see him.  Just dying.  Plus he could take over dad duty on taking care of our pup.  He is a cuddle monster when one of us is gone, so it was nice to have my husband back to share the puppy love.

Saturday we got up bright and early, haha, not really.  But we managed to make it out of the house at a decent time, drop off our pup at his grandparents house and head to the Bay Area.  First stop, Chick-fil-a in Roseville.  Total guilty pleasure.  I don't like fast food, but I enjoy some Chick-fil-a once a year.  Once we got into the Bay area after massive amounts of traffic, we dropped my car off at my husband's aunt and uncles house (to save some money on parking).  We took an Uber car which my husband has never done before and he was impressed.  So much cheaper, cleaner and better experience than a cab.  Then off to Bart.  Oh the things you do to save some cash.  Worth it.

Once we got into the city, we checked in our hotel, dropped our bags off and went shopping.  This girl needs some new clothes, but shopping while pregnant is not fun.  Everything I want, won't fit in a few months and everything I need is UGLY.  Ugh.  I am sure this made my husband just love shopping with me.

We were pretty excited to go to Sotto Mare for dinner that night.  We got ready, walked the mile uphill and then were met with disappointment.  There were 38 people ahead of us and they weren't taking anymore names.  But parties of two could not make a reservation.  Que pissed off pregnant lady and her husband.  I have enjoyed Sotto Mare in the last year.  My husband has been iced out two times in a row.  So not happy.  Plus they were super rude.  Not cool.  So we ventured a block away to Firenze By Night.  They had good reviews on Yelp and could seat us within 15 minutes.  Sold.  We had a melon and prosciutto appetizer which was really good.  I also had the gnocchi with a tomato cream sauce.  It was really good.  Perfectly cooked pillows of pregnancy happiness.  I could eat that everyday.

Sunday was the big one year anniversary.  I gave my husband the treat card and he loved it.  He loved our personalized and sweet it was.  Plus he was overwhelmed by the things I wrote in it (the part with his vows).  Total success.

Since it was a day of indulgence and a celebration of us, it was off to brunch at Mymy.  A cute little spot in Nobb Hill that serves a unique menu.  I got the Banana Blueberry Souffle Pancakes and they were heaven on a plate.  Plus a side of hash browns.  Gotta get a good base for all that walking my husband had us do that day.  17,500 steps by the way.
Husband got a garlic shrimp benedict that looked amazing, but I was too busy eating my heaven to notice.

Then we walked a couple miles down to AT&T Park for a Giants game.  I thought Hudson was pitching, but it ended up being Lincecum.  He pitched 29 pitches in the first inning alone.  I was quite nervous for him, but through the hot sun, the light breeze and the perfect day, the Giants beat the Phillies.
 The best baseball stadium, AT&T Park
 Our View
 Post game happiness
 Final Score 5-2 Giants
 Delicious shared lunch at the park.  Who knew I could venture away from my go-to garlic fries.  This stir fry bowl was heaven!

After the game, we walked back to the hotel and shopped along the way.  Then it was time to shower and head to our romantic anniversary dinner at Frascati.  We again opted to walk to dinner (only a mile away) and we walked through a gorgeous part of San Francisco, Russian Hill area on Hyde Street. 

My husband surprised me and wore his wedding socks to dinner that night.  It's the little touches.  For our wedding, my husband picked out socks for himself and his groomsmen (since he loves colorful socks).  He saved them for our anniversary dinner to wear again.  I love the sentiment behind it.
Left: Wedding Day Right: First Wedding Anniversary

Dinner was everything we hoped for and more.  We loved the fact that they discourage phone usage in the restaurant and want you to focus on each other.  So sadly we didn't take any photos.  We just ate our hearts out.  We had the burrata caprese salad (one each) with pistachios.  I need this in my life daily.  My husband went with the Pork Porterhouse with mustard spaetzle.  I went with the Filet Minion with potatoes, roasted veggies and a sauce from the heavens.  Both dishes were beyond our expectations.  Definitely one of my favorite restaurants EVER.  So amazing, delicious, heavenly and perfect.

We opted out of dessert so we could walk to a little ice cream shop down the way.  We both got a giant scoop of ice cream on a sugar cone and walked the city.  It was a perfect night.  Best anniversary EVER.

Monday we slept in and it felt so good.  Then we ventured off to breakfast, checked out of our hotel, made the journey back to our car and then did some shopping and lunch in Walnut Creek.  We stopped at Ikeda's on the way home to pick up a pie and share some of it with my in-laws for watching our fur baby.  He was spoiled while we were gone and probably didn't miss us that much.

And now I am back at work, wishing we were still in San Francisco, and dreaming of our next vacation.  How was your weekend?  What did you do for our first wedding anniversary?

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