Thursday, April 10, 2014

Walter's Confessions

I was reading Not Entirely Perfect's post about Hawkeye's Confessions and it prompted me to ask my little dude Walter to write his own confessions.  But first I wanted to say, go check out Stephanie's blog because Hawkeye is the cutest little Pomeranian you will ever see.  Plus he loves his Taco Bell, smothering his mom in kisses and stealing socks.

Without further ado, here is Walter and his confessions.

I, Walter, confess:

I cuddle my mom so hard every night that she has to sleep on the edge of the bed.  But I really just want to stay warm and she always tries to scoot away, but not for long.

I love to play in the water...just not freezing Lake Tahoe water.  Why do you insist on bringing me out so far to swim back in?

I am deeply offended my parents didn't include me in their wedding.

I am a bread fiend.  If you ever leave bread around me, I will steal it.  I will beg for it.  I will whine for it.  I MUST HAVE MY BREAD.

I HATE the new stairs my parents bought me to get on and off the bed.  I have perfectly good jumping legs.  That is why you always call me the jumping dog.

I hate my Christmas sweater.

I love to steal people's shoes and bring them onto my perch on the couch.  Sometimes I chew them up if I feel like it.

I am a pooping machine and my parents can't believe that I can go outside and then again right away when they take me on my walks.

I hate the doggie goggles my parents try to make me wear on our hikes.
I love being held like a baby in my moms arms.

I will shred any new toy given to me in about 5 seconds.

I am secretly a Dallas Cowboys fan and my parents insist on dressing me in Niners gear.

Thanks mom for letting me take over your blog for the day.  And I was just kidding on being a Cowboys fan....
Until next time.
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  1. hahaha I love your confessions Walter!! Hawkeye says hello ;) I have to say though, I really do love your Christmas sweater, sorry!

  2. lol I love this. I should do something like this for Emma!

    1. You should. These are fun posts. I think Walter needs another posting day soon. He just loves being the center of attention.